Channel Islands Archives

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Channel Islands Archives and Libraries

Island Archives Service, Guernsey 
Occupation Files (1940-1945)
States of Guernsey Controlling Committee.
Essential Commodities Department.
War Damage (Rehabilitation) Files (Claims for compensation from the British Government for damage done by occupying forces).
German Civil Administration.
Identification Register of Residents (Identity Cards for those over 14 - most with photographs).
Refugees Files (includes school children who were evacuated to British Schools for the duration).
St Peter Port Town Hospital Journals, Burial Registers of Cemeteries.  Duplicate Registers of various non-conformist chapels
We advise you to go to the Priaulx Library first, before going to Island Archives Service,as  they don't have Birth, Death and Marriages.

The Jersey Archive.
Census Records 1841-1901.  Wills and Testaments, Immigration and nationality. Royal Court Records, Land Registry, Education Dept Rcords, Militia Nominal Rolls and Pay Lists, Royal Jersey Militia Attestation Papers, Rate Lists. Almanacs, Telephone Directories, Church Records, Private people who will look up information for you.

Priaulx Library
The leading place for Guernsey Family History and local studies.  Significant collection of studies of Norma-French patois.  18th and 19th Century  histories and manuscripts.  Maps, Newspapers including the very first newspaper published in 1791. Files of news cuttings on various local topics.  Many on microfilm.  Compilation of a new searchable electronic newspaper database is under way.  Photographs.

Alderney Library

Sark Seigneurie

Societe Guernesiaise

Societe Jersiaise