Channel Islands Civil Registration

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Civil Registration

For certificates after 1842.


The Superintendent Registrar, 10 Royal Square, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4WA Office Hours 9.30-12.30p.m.

If you know the Date/Name/Parish of the event, one is charged 10 pound per certificate. (As at 2006).  If searching is required, a further charge of 7 pounds is levied for a five year search for a birth or death and 14 pounds for a five year search for a marriage.  Add a postal hadling charge of 1 pound, for overseas and 50 pence for British Isles.  Please make cheques payble to "Treasurer of States."
There are no facilities for personal research.
If you are in Jersey, these charges can often be alleviated as the Registrar's Indices from 1842-1900 are available at bothe the Societe Jersiaise and the CIFHS Research Room.


HM Greffier, The Royal Court House, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 2PB. Office Hours 9a.m.-5p.m. aulx

They charge 5 pounds for a full certificate or 3 pound for a short certificate.  A search fee of 5 pound is additional.
If you are in Guernsey, this charge can be alleviated as there is public access to the Strong Room between 2p.m. and 4p.m. for a nominal 1 pound charge and details can be copied from their records.

The Priaulx Library also have the indexes on microfilm.
Note: Guernsey Marriages were not subject to Civil Registration until 1919 - so the coverage is incomplete prior to that date.  Go to the Parish Registers. Gap 1875-1907. instead.


Births, Deaths from 1850, Marriages from 1886
The Greffier, Registry for Births, Deaths, Companies, Land and Marriages, St Anne, Alderney GY9 3AA is custodian.
Births from 1850 - missing May 1871-Dec. 1874.
There is a hand-ruled book of declarations, from August 1850 to December 1874, that can be used to fill this gap.
Deaths from August 1850-1855, 1907 onwards.  Hand-ruled book of declarations from October 1855 to December 1874.
Gap 1875-1907.
Marriages from 1886 (from St Anne's Church).  1891 onwards from elsewhere on the Island.
In Guernsey 
Births, Deaths and Marriages from 1925 to date only.