Charles City County, Virginia Cemeteries

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United States > Virginia > Charles City County > Cemeteries

The following is a list of cemeteries in Charles City County:[1]

Chapel Cemetery

GPS: 37.382ºN, 77.008ºW

Eiam Cemetery

GPS: 37.364ºN, 77.018ºW

Grace Chapel Cemetery

GPS: 37.380ºN, 77.239ºW

Mapsico Cemetery

GPS: 37.324ºN, 77.038ºW

Menoah Cemetery

GPS: 37.378ºN, 77.019ºW

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

GPS: 37.435ºN, 77.141ºW

Salem Cemetery

GPS: 37.387ºN, 77.157ºW

Union Cemetery

GPS: 37.382ºN, 77.059ºW


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