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Most prestatehood settlers of Colorado began arriving at the time of the gold rush of 1858. They came from the northeastern and midwestern states, especially New York, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Some came from the New Mexico Territory, and a few settlers came from the southern states, the Pacific Coast, and from other countries including England, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, and Wales. Latter-day Saint settlements were made in the San Luis Valley in the 1870s and 1880s.
The Plains Indians of Colorado, including the Arapaho, the Cheyenne, the Kiowa, and the Comanche, had largely been removed to Indian Territory in Oklahoma by 1870. The Ute Indians living in western Colorado did not give up their lands to white settlement until after 1880, when most of them were moved to reservations in Utah.
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The names, locations, and addresses of cemeteries in the state and references to published and unpublished transcripts are found in Kay R. Merrill, ''Colorado Cemetery Directory''(Denver: Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies, 1985; FHL book 978.8 V34cc; film 1597842 item 4). The cemeteries can be accessed online at http://www.interment.net/us/co/index.htm.
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