Community Wiki Support Meeting 28 February 2012

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MeetingPlace ID: 3232; Join the meeting; Dial-in number: 877-453-7266  9:30 am. Mountain time on Tuesdays

  • You can join up to 10 minutes early. If you try to join the meeting at any other time, you will get an error that the meeting doesn't exist.
  • Prior to joining the meeting for the first time, run the MeetingPlace Test to verify that you can participate in a web meeting.

Purpose of the meeting

Improve the Wiki

  • Forge solutions with other community contributors.
  • Share best practices, ideas, and content.
  • Discuss current issues, community matters, and strategies.
  • Move issues to decision.

Meeting Agenda

Introduce new members

Kudos go to ...

  • Rorie Jenson for creating a comprehensive training agenda for wiki training. cwi

Updates and follow up

  • Main page - could use it as a question forum - Do you want to research?, etc. Give them choices as they go through the questions and leads them to the pages that would give that information.  
  • Pool ideas, discuss, eliminate ones that don't work until you have a final approach - the way WikiHow works  
  • We need to have a meeting to brainstorm - main page, how to use questions and create steps to accomplish what the person is looking for - we should study WikiHow  
  • Bring in some Wiki trainers, other users to help with brainstorming  
  • Have a box that leads people to a series of category quesions - "how to research in a particular county", etc.  Then lead through questions for what they might be researching (similar to Wikihow article categories, but using our Wiki information)
  • Charles would be willing to work on the questions, flow, etc.
  • We should look at this for research, contributors, maintenance, and people who are using Wiki to teach (subset of using Wiki for Research)
  • Set up a meeting for a larger group to bring in library people and new researchers (test group)
  • our team, Darris' team, library consultants, research support team, public(Jan Edwards, Susan Purvis)
  • Try to schedule meeting for a Friday morning (possibly two meetings a month, possibly 2 hours long)
  • Have a small meeting to create an outline to use for the larger meeting? - meet Friday to create the outline - March 2 at 8:30 AM - email will go out with meeting details
  • Send list of articles needed under Browse by articles - to Charles or Janell - share on a Google docs 
  • Have people look at WikiHow for ideas
  • Important for the foreign wiki's as well as English
  • title page - if top links were in a contrasting color and different font, they would be more obvious as a tool bar - icon, picture, etc. would help solve invisibility problem
  • Rootstech - people complained about entry to Wiki 
  • We still have a visibility problem, but it might help to get that fixed if our entry page is better
  • The Tour page isn't very helpful - better explanation of how to get started there
  • Janell will talk to Blair about making changes
  • Have Research support group post on Get Satisfaction
  • We could walk people through Wiki and see the problems they have  
  • Approach - what problem do people have, how would they solve it, then show how to find it in the Wiki
  • Roots Tech Conference 2013 - request that wiki have a minimum of 3 spots in schedule including computer time in Family Search hands-on area.cwi


Improve the Wiki

•The contact page does not have a history page. Why? Without such, there is no place to discuss the reason for the deletion. The staff of the center are left hanging.
•The discussion page is blank
•The Deletion log states that “This page has been deleted. The reason for deletion is shown in the summary below, ..), but is not. What is shown is:
• 19:41, 23 November 2011 JonesWD (Talk | contribs) deleted "Santa Clara California Family History Center/Contact Information" ? (content was: "
Santa Clara FHC
875 Quince Ave.
Santa Clara, CA


Location Map
Sun-Mon: Closed
Tues thru Thurs: 9am-4pm
Fri: 9am-4pm
Sat: Closed
FHC Pages
Local Resources
Center Resources
=== Location ===   875 Quince Avenue, Santa Clara, California :*Entrance on the north side of the Church :*Ample parking in front of the door wheelchair access available on request. Please cal…")
•Was the text so long that the reason was trunkated?
•The lack of a reason was a great concern to the person who created the page. It just left her hanging.