Community Wiki Support Meeting 5 July 2012

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MeetingPlace ID: 3232; Join the meeting; Dial-in number: 877-453-7266  9:30 am. Mountain time on Thursdays

  • You can join up to 10 minutes early. If you try to join the meeting at any other time, you will get an error that the meeting doesn't exist.
  • Prior to joining the meeting for the first time, run the MeetingPlace Test to verify that you can participate in a web meeting.

Purpose of the meeting

Improve the Wiki

  • Forge solutions with other community contributors.
  • Share best practices, ideas, and content.
  • Discuss current issues, community matters, and strategies.
  • Move issues to decision.

Meeting Agenda

Introduce new members

Kudos go to ...

Updates and follow up

Maintenance report - Sandra

We still have 35 unresolved discussions - we will contact James to take a couple and give us a way to respond - perhaps referring people to James' blog about copyrights.  Has he posted about British law?


  • When patrolling, try to contact contributors you have links that might be broken.  Ken has been in contact with a lady who has wonderful information on African genealogy, who might be willing to add to the Wiki, because he googled her and was able to contact her.
  • Lee had a similar experience with African/American genealogists and is recruiting some new contributors for that area.  If we have contacts in various specialities, we can invite them to participate with the Wiki.

Improve the Wiki

  • Paid site notification. Manual of Style guideline for paid sites is ambiguous concerning how to apply it. Thus it is applied inconsistently. Application should be clarified, and perhaps applied with a templatei to insure consistency.See guideline 9.2.3
  • Discussion/Talk Page confusion. The template re translating an article to non-english has a statement "Please add any comments to the talk page." This can be confusing to some, since we have no talk pages–They are discussion page. Inconsistencies like this confuse some and make us look foolish to others. What about using the phrase “Talk/Discussion?” Wikipedia uses “talk” so we probably need to keep that word. See the following for policy (note the inconsistency between them):
       FamilySearch Wiki:Talk page guidelines
       Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages) 
  • Should the template be changed?
  • We will take this discussion to the Community meeting at 1:00.

Wiki Project

  • Get our landing pages done as quickly as possible.
  • Charles can use help on his translation pages (Italy) (using Google translate)