Confederate Regular Troops in the Civil War

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United States Gotoarrow.png U.S. Military Gotoarrow.png U.S. Civil War, 1861 to 1865 Gotoarrow.png Confederate Regular Troops in the Civil War

Confederate General Pierre Gustave Toutant (PGT) Beauregard (1818-1893)


The Confederate Congress established a provisional then a permanent Confederate States Army by March 9, 1861. Control was given to the President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis.[1]

Under orders from President Davis, the troops under General P. G. T. Beauregard bomb Fort Sumter on April 12–13, 1861, the first battle in the Civil War.[1]

Tthe state militias supplemented the Confederate States Army. The state governments organized and commanded the state militias.[1]

No formal overall military commander or general-in-chief was designated until late in the war. This lack of centralized control was a strategic weakness.[1] Commanders were:

President Jefferson Davis, (Commander-in-Chief) He provided the strategic direction for Confederate land and naval forces. He was a former U.S. Army officer and U.S. Secretary of War.
General Samuel Cooper, (Adjutant General and Inspector General of the Army)
General Robert E. Lee, (General-in-Chief, January 31 to April 9, 1865) [1]

The above information, and additional information can be found in the Wikipedia article, Confederate States Army

Confederate Regular Troops Military Units

Most units were numbered, however, many were named. See the table below for lists of the regiments, battalions, batteries, and other units.

The information in the lists of Confederate Regular Troops Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site. That web site also can be searched by the name of a soldier.

Confederate Regular Troops, Units by Number or by Name
Confed. Units

Confederate Regular Troops, Units by Type of Unit
Confed. Units
Officers and Staff
Indian Units


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