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=== Books<br>  ===
=== Books<br>  ===
Black Roots in Southeastern Connecticut, 1650-1900  
Black Roots in Southeastern Connecticut, 1650-1900&nbsp; {{WorldCat|6042910}}
WorldCat: {{WorldCat|6042910}}
Minority Military Service, Connecticut, 1775-1783&nbsp; {{WorldCat|20393391}}
Minority Military Service, Connecticut, 1775-1783  
WorldCat: {{WorldCat|20393391}}
=== On-Line&nbsp;Resources<br>  ===
=== On-Line&nbsp;Resources<br>  ===

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African Americans


Black Roots in Southeastern Connecticut, 1650-1900  WorldCat 6042910

Minority Military Service, Connecticut, 1775-1783  WorldCat 20393391

On-Line Resources

Research Guide to African-American Genealogical Resources at the Connecticut State Library
African-American Ancestry in Connecticut (AfriGeneas)
Footnote.com: Connecticut online records.
Footnote.com: Vietnam Veteran's Memorial (African-Americans from CT)


Greater New Haven African American Historical Society

American Indians

For more information about Connecticut's American Indians and their records, see Indians of Connecticut.

Irish Americans

Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society

Italian Americans

Italian American Historical Society of Connecticut

Polish Americans

Polish American Historical Association

Swedish Americans

For more information about Swedish Americans in Connecticut, see Connecticut: Swedish American.