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Denmark Gotoarrow.png Copenhagen Gotoarrow.png Elderly Care Records

Elderly Care (Alderdomsforsørgelse) since 1891

On the 9th of April 1891, a law was passed that allowed elderly men and women over 60 years old to receive support from the state. Those wanting support, submitted an application, and the city government decided just how much support the applicant received, if any support at all. One of the most important aspects of the elderly care registers is the fact that the records state why a person stopped receiving care from the state, such as for emigration or death. With these records a death or emigration date can be narrowed down, and other records located.
Four different registers exist for elderly care:
-Alderdomsforsørgelse G-registers (1891-1900)
-Alderdomsforsørgelse N-registers (1900-1909)
-Alderdomsunderstøttelse (1910-1923)
-Aldersrente (1924-1928)
All of the different registers contain approximately the same information, including: name, birth date and place, occupation, marital status, address, and support size.


These records are only available at the Copenhagen State Archives. See archives and libraries.


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