Copenhagen Research: Getting Started

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Denmark Gotoarrow.png Copenhagen Gotoarrow.png Research Background

Over a quarter of the population of Denmark live in Metropolitan Copenhagen. Copenhagen has had a turbulent history through the years:

  • Established 1167. Originally called Havn (The Harbor), later Kiobmaennehavn (The Merchants' Harbor), and now Kobenhavn.
  • Fires, Plagues, Wars. Several times between 1249-1536 the town was besieged, sacked, and burned.
  • Since 1428 the royal residence and seat of government.
  • University established 1479.
  • Population decimated by the plague mid-16th century.
  • Another plague in 1711, fire in 1728, city bombed in 1807.
  • Industrialization - Period of flux, began in earnest in l870s.
  • International community. International center & principal crossroads of Northern Europe (shipping, flying, and driving). There were many Germans, Swedes, French, Dutch, and English living here through its history.