Cornwall Place Names

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Gotoarrow.png Cornwall Gotoarrow.png Place Names

Map of Cornwall
Stem Meaning Examples
aber mouth (of a river), confluence, a meeting of waters Aberfal (English: Falmouth)
avon river
bre / bronn hill
eglos church Egloshayle (Cornish: Eglosheyl)
lann church, churchyard, village with church, parish Lanhydrock (Cornish: Lannhydrek)
nan, nans valley Nancledra
pen head (headland or hill) Penzance (Cornish: Pensans)
pol pool or lake Polperro
pons bridge
porth harbour Perranporth (Cornish: Porthpyran)
rys ford Camelford (Cornish: Ryskammel)
tre settlement Trewithen
treth beach

English Cornish Meaning
Bodmin Bosvenegh From bos 'dwelling' & menegh 'monks'
Camborne Kammbronn
Calstock Kalstok
Camelford Ryskammel

A much more complete exposition of Cornish names and the meaning thereof can be found in the book, "Cornish Names" by T. F. G. Dexter. 

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