County Clare, Ireland Genealogy

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Gotoarrow.png Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Clare
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General County Research Information

Further information about County Clare is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Clare is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Abbey Burren Ballyvaghan
Bunratty Bunratty Lower Ennis
Carran Burren Ballyvaghan
Carran Burren Corrofin
Clareabbey Islands Ennis
Clondagad Islands Killadysert
Clonlea Tulla Lower Limerick
Clonlea Tulla Lower Tulla
Clonloghan Bunratty Lower Ennis
Clooney Bunratty Upper Ennis
Clooney Bunratty Upper Tulla
Clooney Corcomroe Corrofin
Clooney Corcomroe Ennistimon
Doora Bunratty Upper Ennis
Drumcliff Islands Ennis
Drumcreehy Burren Ballyvaghan
Drumline Bunratty Lower Ennis
Dysert Inchiquin Corrofin
Dysert Inchiquin Ennis
Feakle Tulla Lower Tulla
Feakle Tulla Upper Scarriff
Feakle Tulla Upper Tulla
Feenagh Bunratty Lower Ennis
Feenagh Bunratty Lower Tulla
Gleninagh Burren Ballyvaghan
Inagh Inchiquin Corrofin
Inagh Inchiquin Ennistimon
Inchicronan Bunratty Lower Tulla
Inchicronan Bunratty Upper Ennis
Inchicronan Bunratty Upper Gort
Inchicronan Bunratty Upper Tulla
Inishcaltra Tulla Upper Scarriff
Kilballyowen Moyarta Kilrush
Kilchreest Clonderalaw Killadysert
Kilchreest Clonderalaw Killdysert
Kilconry Bunratty Lower Ennis
Kilcorney Burren Ballyvaghan
Kilfarboy Ibrickan Ennistimon
Kilfearagh Moyarta Kilrush
Kilfenora Corcomroe Corrofin
Kilfenora Corcomroe Ennistimon
Kilferagh Moyarta Kilrush
Kilfiddane Clonderalaw Killadysert
Kilfiddane Clonderalaw Kilrush
Kilfinaghta Bunratty Lower Ennis
Kilfinaghta Bunratty Lower Limerick
Kilfinaghta Bunratty Lower Tulla
Kilfintinan Bunratty Lower Limerick
Kilkeedy Inchiquin Corrofin
Killadysert Clonderalaw Killadysert
Killaloe Tulla Lower Limerick
Killaloe Tulla Lower Scarriff
Killard Ibrickan Kilrush
Killaspuglonane Corcomroe Ennistimon
Killeany Burren Ballyvaghan
Killeely Bunratty Lower Limerick
Killilagh Corcomroe Ennistimon
Killimer Clonderalaw Kilrush
Killinaboy Inchiquin Corrofin
Killofin Clonderalaw Killadysert
Killokennedy Tulla Lower Limerick
Killonaghan Burren Ballyvaghan
Killone Islands Ennis
Killuran Tulla Lower Limerick
Killuran Tulla Lower Tulla
Kilmacduane Ibrickan Kilrush
Kilmacduane Moyarta Kilrush
Kilmacrehy Corcomroe Ennistimon
Kilmaleery Bunratty Lower Ennis
Kilmaley Islands Ennis
Kilmaley Islands Killadysert
Kilmanaheen Corcomroe Ennistimon
Kilmihil Clonderalaw Ennis
Kilmihil Clonderalaw Kilrush
Kilmoon Burren Ballyvaghan
Kilmoon Burren Ennistimon
Kilmurry Bunratty Lower Tulla
Kilmurry Clonderalaw Killadysert
Kilmurry Clonderalaw Kilrush
Kilmurry Ibrickan Ennistimon
Kilmurry Ibrickan Kilrush
Kilnamona Inchiquin Ennis
Kilnasoolagh Bunratty Lower Ennis
Kilnoe Tulla Upper Scarriff
Kilnoe Tulla Upper Tulla
Kilraghtis Bunratty Upper Ennis
Kilrush Moyarta Kilrush
Kilseily Tulla Lower Limerick
Kilshanny Corcomroe Ennistimon
Kiltenanlea Tulla Lower Limerick
Kiltoraght Corcomroe Corrofin
Kiltoraght Corcomroe Ennistimon
Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Moynoe Tulla Upper Scarriff
Noughaval Burren Ballyvaghan
Noughaval Burren Corrofin
O'Briensbridge Tulla Lower Limerick
O'Briensbridge Tulla Lower Scarriff
Ogonnelloe Tulla Lower Scarriff
Oughtmama Burren Ballyvaghan
Oughtmama Burren Gort
Quin Bunratty Upper Ennis
Quin Bunratty Upper Tulla
Rath Inchiquin Corrofin
Rath Inchiquin Ennistimon
Rathborney Burren Ballyvaghan
Ruan Inchiquin Corrofin
St. Munchin's Bunratty Lower Limerick
St. Patrick's Bunratty Lower Limerick
Templemaley Bunratty Upper Corrofin
Templemaley Bunratty Upper Ennis
Templemaley Bunratty Upper Enniscorthy
Tomfinlough Bunratty Lower Ennis
Tomgraney Tulla Upper Scarriff
Tulla Tulla Upper Tulla