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County Cork (Irish: Contae Chorcaí) is a county in Ireland. It is located in the province of Munster. The county town is the city of Cork


County Cork is located along the southern coast in the province of Munster. It is the largest county, encompassing 2880 square miles. The distance from Youghal to Crow Head is 102 miles, greatest length in the county. The name Cork comes from the Gaelic word Corcaigh, meaning "marsh". The major towns are Bandon, Cohb, Cork, Fermoy, Kinsale, Mallow, Skibbereen, and Youghal.

In the sixth century, a monastery and school were established in the City of Cork. Later in the ninth century, the Norse Vikings raided and settled in Cork. The Normans invaded the area in the twelfth century and became part of the kingdom of Desmond. Several rebellions from English rule occurred from the late sixteenth into the mid-seventeenth century.

The populace of Cork suffered extreme hardship during the Great Famine. Dates for the famine vary, but include the years 1845 to 1850, give or take. Cork's population dropped more than 25% between 1841 and 1851, of which about 150,000 died and 50,000 emigrated.

In 1821, the population was 730,444. It increased to 854,118 in 1841, but then began to decrease to 361,877 in 1926. In 2006, the population was 70,868. In 1871, 91.5% of the population were Roman Catholic with 7.1% of the Church of Ireland, 0.3% Presbyterians and 0.5% Methodists. In 1926, 94.3% were Roman Catholic with 4.9% Church of Ireland.

General County Research Information

  • Further information about County Cork is available at the GenUKI site and this FamilySearch Research Wiki.
  • There is an amazingly detailed interactive map from Ordnance Survey Ireland that covers not only Cork, but the whole of Ireland. You can zoom in to see extremely fine detail. The map provides historic map overlays (see the check-boxes provided on the map page) that clearly show the townlands, roads, towns, homes, fields, estates, etc. Some churches and cemeteries are included.  Several overlays are provided.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information


  • Doherty, Paul Martin.  Tombstones of Some Irish Emigrants in the Catholic Cemetery at Andover, Massachussetts. Memorial inscriptions of surnames Lucy of Co. Cork. Lynch of parish White Gate, Lynch of Lauroe, Buttaray, and Schofield of Co. Cork.  Article found in the irish Ancestor, vol. IV, no. 1, 1972. Pages 23-26, Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i


  • Delicaet, Paul.  Passengers Aboard the Thetis, Cork to Bathurst, New Brunswick in April 1837.  A list of passengers with names and ages, and crew members with positions, aboard the Thetis of Troone, sailing from Cork to New Brunswick in April of 1837. Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol. XII, no.2. 1980, pages 65-66. Family History Library 941.5 B2i


  • De Breffny, Brian. Robert Fagan, Artist. Self portrait and history, and genealogy of Robert Fagan, originally of Cork, the artist covers 1745-1956, and Michael Fagan 1728-1783, of London and his descendants up to 1956.  Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol. III,no.2,1971. pages 71-78, Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i
  • Ashworth, Phyllis G. Entries From George Keane Johnston's Family Bible.  Genealogy of George Keane Johnston originally of Co. Leitrim, marries and lives in Cork, and emigrates to Australia between 1851-1856.  Covers years 1817-1887, Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol.III,no.2, 1971, page 84. Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i
  • De Breffny, Brian.  The Vereker Family.  Genealogy and pictures of Vereker Family, John Varicar or Veracre, yeoman at Cork 1671. Family extends over to Cahernarry and Roxborough, Co. Limerick and to Dublin. Years covered 1671-1905, Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol. V. no. 2. 1973 pages 69-75. Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i v5-6
  • Clarke, Richard & Dowman, Charles.  Gray of Cork City and Lehana.  Genealogy of Pope Gray of Cork, starting with Francis Gray, John Gray and Barbara Gray, covering years 1724-1947, Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol.VII,no.1.1975, pages 11-14, Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i v7-8.
  • Ffolliott, Rosemary. The Swift Rise and Slow Decline of Frederick Buck. Article has pictures and genealogy of Frederick Buck, includes Co. Cork, and entries from St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick. Article in The Irish Avcestor vol.VII. no.1.1975 pages15-24. Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i v7-8
  • Mellefont, A.V.  Two Families of Mellefont or Mellifont in Co. Cork. Genealogy of Mellefont in Cork, Ireland, and 1 branch went to Queensland, Australia in 1865. covering years 1251-1954. Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol., pages 1-5. Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i V10-11.
  • Macaboy, Stirling. The County Cork Ancestry of the Maddens of Travancore, Melbourne, Australia.  Genealogy of Margaret McOboy, John Madden who emigrate from Co. Cork to Melbourne Australia. Photograpsh included of John Madden 1817-1902, family photo in 1873, with names given.  Covers years 1215-1988, The Irish Ancestor Vol. XVI, no.1,pages 14-20, FHL Ref. 941.5 B2i.
  • Ffolliott, Rosemary.  Devonsher of Co. Cork.  Thomas Devonsher married Sarah Webber (Quakers) - article shows their descendants, and is illustrated with photographs of Kilshanning, covers years 1666-1913. The Irish Ancestor, Vol. XVI no.2.1984, pages 71-74. FHL Ref. 94105 B2i
  • Ffolliott, Rosemary.  Ffolliott of Co. Cork. The descendants of the Rev. Francis Ffolliott and his wife Magdalen Blackburn covering years 1598-1922. Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol.XVII. no.1. 1985, pages 4-7. Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i
  • Ffolliott Rosemary, An 18th Century Abduction; Article found in The Irish Ancestor Vol. 1, no.2, 1969 941.5 B2i at Family History Library, covering years 1726-1832, page 69-75. Essay on the abduction of Miss Mary Pike by Sir Henry Brown Hayes along with the PIKE Family History of Cork, also the Genealogy of Attiwell HAYES.
  • Punch, Terrence M. Pons to Punch.  Genealogy of Pons and Punch Families in Co. Cork, Co. Kildare, Nova Scotia Canada & Australia. Artice in The Irish Ancestor vo. 2 no.1, 1970 pages 2-18, years 1175-1968 Family History Library 941.5 B2i
  • Strutt, Honourable Guy. Entries From The Bible of Mrs. Robert Gordon.  Article has 10 entries of births from the Bible of Mrs. Robert Gordon, covering places, Fort William and Edinburgh, Scotland, Ereland, Dublin, Corke, and Sligo, years 1748-1764. The Irish Ancestor, vol.III, no.1, 1971, pages 51-52. Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i


  • Ffolliott, Rosemary. Some Connecting Links Between Ireland and the New World From Old Newspspers.  Article has alphabetical listings of births, marriages and deaths in the Munster newspapers covering U.S.A. Canada, West Indies, and England, covering years 1765-1826.Article found in the Irish Ancestor, vol2 no.1 1970, pages 62-69, Family History Library 941.5 B2i
  • Cussen, Robert.  A List of Catholic Merchants in Cork City in 1762.  Article is an incomplete list of the Catholic Merchants in Cork City 1762, which was originally in the Corke Journal Monday 12 April, 1762.  Found in The Irish Ancestor, vol.III. no.1,1971 pages 39-40. Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i


  • Collected by Ffolliott, Rosemary.  Co. Cork Game Certificates 1802. Game Certificate Lists of names of people who purchased Game Certificates -  published in Cork Mercantile Chronicle 9 Aug, 1902. Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol.IX. no.1. 1977, pages5-15, Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i v9.


  • Abstracts of Wills.  Article has a collection of Will Abstracts, gathered from many sources - covering years 1654-1837.   Includes Abraham Coakley of Curragh Co. Cork 1763; Catherine Sarsfield, alias Gallwey, relict of James Sarsfield 25 Apr. 1665; James Sarsfield of the South Suburbs of Cork, 31 Jan. 1717;  Williams Sarsfelde of Cork 14 Feb. 1635, and Francis Lovell of Nuces Towne, parish of Mour(a)gh, dated 4 April 1627, proved at Cork 30 Sept. 1627.  Article found in The Irish Ancestor, vol.II, no.2, 1970. pages 117-127. Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i
  • Abstract of Wills.  Article has a collection of Will Abstracts, including Margaret fitz Edmond Sharsfield, 1627 of Cork, and Mary Weekes of Corke, 1772, lists their heirs.  Article in The Irish Ancestor, vo. V. no. 1. 1973. Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i v.5-6.
  • Abstract of Wills. Article has a collection of Will Abstracts, including Will for Martha Aldworth of City of Cork, widow of Boyle Aldworth of New Market, Co. Cork. dated 30 May 1796, proved at Cork 2 May 1817.
  • Also John Barry, Doctor of Physics of Henry St. Cork. dated 17 Jul. 1834, Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol. VI, no.1, 1974 page 53-63,  Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i v.5-6.
  • Also Ellen Donegan of Mallow Lane, Cork, dated 22 Feb. 1815, page 49, Cornelius Donovan of the North Suburbs of Cork, dated 30 June, 1762, page 48. Daniel Donovan of City of Cork, dated 21 Aug. 1764,  in The Irish Ancestor, vol. VIII, no.1, 1976 page 49.  Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i v7-8.
  • Abstract of Wills.  List of Wills for Beatly, Brock, Geoghegan, Gordon, Kirwin, O'Neil, Phaire, Rakestrow, Sarsfield, Slator, Weekes and Wofe - written and proved in various counties.  Covers years 1686-1837. in The irish Ancestor, vol. XIII no. 1.1981 pages 63-72. FHL Ref. 941.5 B2i v1.

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