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Gotoarrow.png Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Louth
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General County Research Information

Further information about County Louth is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Louth is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Ardee Ardee Ardee
Ballybarrack Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Ballyboys Lower Dundalk Dundalk
Ballymakenny Drogheda Drogheda
Ballymakenny Ferrard Drogheda
Ballymascanlan Lower Dundalk Dundalk
Ballymascanlan Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Barronstown Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Beaulieu Ferrard Drogheda
Cappoge Ardee Ardee
Carlingford Dundalk Lower Dundalk
Carlingford Lower Dundalk Dundalk
Carrickbaggot Ferrard Drogheda
Castletown Lower Dundalk Dundalk
Castletown Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Charlestown Ardee Ardee
Clogher Ferrard Drogheda
Clonkeehan Louth Ardee
Clonkeen Ardee Ardee
Clonmore Ferrard Drogheda
Collon Ferrard Ardee
Creggan Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Darver Louth Dundalk
Dromin Ardee Ardee
Dromiskin Louth Dundalk
Drumcar Ardee Ardee
Drumshallon Ferrard Drogheda
Dunany Ferrard Ardee
Dunbin Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Dundalk Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Dunleer Ferrard Ardee
Dysart Ferrard Drogheda
Faughart Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Gernonstown Ardee Ardee
Haggardstown Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Haynestown Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Inishkeen Louth Dundalk
Inishkeen Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Kane Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Kildemock Ardee Ardee
Killanny Ardee Dundalk
Killincoole Louth Dundalk
Kilsaran Ardee Ardee
Louth Ardee Dundalk
Louth Louth Ardee
Louth Louth Dundalk
Louth Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Mansfieldstown Louth Ardee
Mapastown Ardee Ardee
Marlestown Ferrard Drogheda
Mayne Ferrard Drogheda
Monasterboice Ferrard Drogheda
Mosstown Ardee Ardee
Mullary Ferrard Ardee
Mullary Ferrard Drogheda
Parsonstown Ferrard Drogheda
Philipstown Ardee Ardee
Philipstown Ferrard Drogheda
Philipstown Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Port Ferrard Drogheda
Rathdrumin Ferrard Drogheda
Richardstown Ardee Ardee
Roche Upper Dundalk Dundalk
Salterstown Ferrard Ardee
Shanlis Ardee Ardee
Smarmore Ardee Ardee
St. Mary's Drogheda, Muni. Borough of Drogheda
St. Peter's Drogheda Drogheda
St. Peter's Drogheda and Muni. Borough Drogheda
Stabannan Ardee Ardee
Stickillin Ardee Ardee
Tallanstown Ardee Ardee
Termonfeckin Ferrard Drogheda
Tullyallen Ferrard Drogheda
Tullyallen Ferrard & Muni. Borough of Drogheda Drogheda