County Tyrone, Ireland Genealogy

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Gotoarrow.png Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Tyrone
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General County Research Information

Further information about County Tyrone is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Tyrone is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Aghaloo Dungannon Lower Armagh
Aghaloo Dungannon Lower Clogher
Aghaloo Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Aghalurcher Clogher Clogher
Arboe Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Arboe Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ardstraw Omagh West Castlederg
Ardstraw Strabane Lower Castlederg
Ardstraw Strabane Lower Gortin
Ardstraw Strabane Lower Omagh
Ardstraw Strabane Lower Strabane
Artrea Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballinderry Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballyclog Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Bodoney Lower Strabane Upper Gortin
Bodoney Upper Strabane Upper Gortin
Camus Strabane Lower Strabane
Cappagh Omagh East Omagh
Cappagh Strabane Upper Omagh
Carnteel Dungannon Lower Clogher
Carnteel Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Clogher Clogher Clogher
Clogherny Omagh East Omagh
Clonfeacle Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Clonfeacle Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clonoe Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clonoe Dungannon Middle Dungarvan
Cumber Upper Strabane Lower Gortin
Derryloran Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Desertcreat Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Donacavey Clogher Clogher
Donacavey Clogher Omagh
Donacavey Omagh East Lowtherstown
Donacavey Omagh East Omagh
Donaghedy Strabane Lower Gortin
Donaghedy Strabane Lower Strabane
Donaghenry Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Donaghenry Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Donaghenry Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Donaghmore Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dromore Omagh East Lowtherstown
Dromore Omagh East Omagh
Drumglass Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumragh Omagh East Omagh
Errigal Keerogue Clogher Clogher
Errigal Keerogue Clogher Dungannon
Errigal Trough Clogher Clogher
Kildress Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killeeshil Dungannon Lower Clogher
Killeeshil Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Killyman Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kilskeery Omagh East Enniskillen
Kilskeery Omagh East Lowtherstown
Kilskeery Omagh West Enniskillen
Leckpatrick Strabane Lower Strabane
Lissan Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Longfield East Omagh West Omagh
Longfield West Omagh West Castlederg
Magheracross Omagh East Lowtherstown
Pomeroy Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Pomeroy Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tamlaght Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Termonamongan Omagh West Castlederg
Termonmaguirk Omagh East Omagh
Termonmaguirk Omagh West Omagh
Termonmaguirk Strabane Upper Omagh
Tullyniskan Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Urney Omagh West Castlederg
Urney Strabane Lower Strabane

Web Sites

To view a list of Tyrone web sites, visit for some great sites.