County Waterford, Ireland Genealogy

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Gotoarrow.png Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Waterford
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General County Research Information

Further information about County Waterford is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Affane Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Affane Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Affane Decies without Drum Lismore
Aglish Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Aglish Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Ardmore Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Ardmore Decies within Drum Youghal
Ardmore Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Ardmore Decies without Drum Youghal
Ballygunner Gaultiere Waterford
Ballylaneen Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Ballymacart Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Ballymacart Decies within Drum Youghal
Ballynakill Gaultiere Waterford
Clashmore Decies within Drum Youghal
Clashmore Decies without Drum Youghal
Clonagam Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Clonea Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Colligan Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Corbally Gaultiere Waterford
Crooke Gaultiere Waterford
Drumcannon Gaultiere Waterford
Drumcannon Middlethird Waterford
Dungarvan Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Dungarvan Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Dunhill Middlethird Kilmacthomas
Dunhill Middlethird Waterford
Dysert Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Dysert Upperthird Clonmel
Faithlegg Gaultiere Waterford
Fenoagh Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Fews Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Guilcagh Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Inishlounaght Glenahiry Clogheen
Inishlounaght Glenahiry Clonmel
Islandikane Middlethird Kilmacthomas
Islandikane Middlethird Waterford
Kilbarry Gaultiere Waterford
Kilbarrymeaden Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Kilbride Middlethird Waterford
Kilburne Middlethird Waterford
Kilcaragh Gaultiere Waterford
Kilcockan Coshmore & Coshbride Lismore
Kilcockan Coshmore and Coshbride Lismore
Kilcop Gaultiere Waterford
Kilculliheen Gaultiere Waterford
Kilculliheen Gaultiere and Muni. Borough Waterford
Kilgobnet Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Kill St. Lawrence Gaultiere Waterford
Kill St. Nicholas Gaultiere Waterford
Killaloan Upperthird Clonmel
Killea Gaultiere Waterford
Killoteran Middlethird Waterford
Killure Gaultiere Waterford
Kilmacleague Gaultiere Waterford
Kilmacomb Gaultiere Waterford
Kilmeadan Middlethird Waterford
Kilmeadan Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Kilmolash Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Kilmolash Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Kilmolash Decies without Drum Lismore
Kilmoleran Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Kilronan Glenahiry Clogheen
Kilronan Glenahiry Clonmel
Kilronan Middlethird Waterford
Kilrossanty Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Kilrush Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Kilsheelan Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Kilsheelan Upperthird Clonmel
Kilwatermoy Coshmore & Coshbride Lismore
Kilwatermoy Coshmore and Coshbride Lismore
Kinsalebeg Decies within Drum Youghal
Kinsalebeg Decies without Drum Youghal
Leitrim Coshmore & Coshbride Lismore
Leitrim Coshmore and Coshbride Lismore
Lickoran Decies without Drum Lismore
Lisgenan or Grange Decies within Drum Youghal
Lismore & Mocollop Coshmore & Coshbride Lismore
Lismore & Mocollop Coshmore and Coshbride Lismore
Lisnakill Middlethird Waterford
Modelligo Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Modelligo Decies without Drum Lismore
Monamintra Gaultiere Waterford
Monksland Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Mothel Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Newcastle Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Newcastle Middlethird Waterford
Rathgormuck Upperthird Carrick on Suir
Rathgormuck Upperthird Clonmel
Rathmoylan Gaultiere Waterford
Reisk Middlethird Kilmacthomas
Reisk Middlethird Waterford
Ringagonagh Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Rossduff Gaultiere Waterford
Rossmire Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Rossmire Upperthird Kilmacthomas
Seskinan Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Seskinan Decies without Drum Lismore
St. John's Within Gaultiere Waterford
St. John's Within Waterford City Waterford
St. John's Without Gaultiere Waterford
St. John's Without Gaultiere and Muni. Borough Waterford
St. John's Without Waterford City Waterford
St. Mary's, Clonmel Upperthird Clonmel
St. Mary's, Clonmel Upperthird and Muni. Borough Clonmel
St. Michael's Waterford City Waterford
St. Olave's Waterford City Waterford
St. Patrick's Waterford City Waterford
St. Peter's Waterford City Waterford
St. Stephen's Within Waterford City Waterford
St. Stephen's Without Waterford City Waterford
Stradbally Decies without Drum Kilmacthomas
Tallow Coshmore & Coshbride Lismore
Tallow Coshmore and Coshbride Lismore
Templemichael Coshmore & Coshbride Youghal
Templemichael Coshmore and Coshbride Youghal
Trinity Within Waterford City Waterford
Trinity Without Middlethird Waterford
Trinity Without Middlethird and Muni. Borough Waterford
Trinity Without Waterford City Waterford
Trinity Without Waterford, Muni. Borough of Waterford
Whitechurch Decies within Drum Dungarvan
Whitechurch Decies without Drum Dungarvan
Whitechurch Decies without Drum Lismore