County Wexford, Ireland Genealogy

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General County Research Information

<br>Further information about County Cork is available at the GenUKI site.<br>

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Adamstown Bantry New Ross
Ambrosetown Bargy Wexford
Ardamine Ballaghkeen Gorey
Ardcandrisk Shelmaliere West Wexford
Ardcavan Shelmaliere East Wexford
Ardcolm Shelmaliere East Wexford
Artramon Shelmaliere East Wexford
Ballingly Shelmaliere West Wexford
Ballyanne Bantry New Ross
Ballybrazil Shelburne New Ross
Ballybrennan Forth Wexford
Ballycanew Gorey Gorey
Ballycarney Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Ballyconnick Bargy Wexford
Ballyhoge Bantry Enniscorthy
Ballyhoge Shelmaliere West Enniscorthy
Ballyhuskard Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Ballylannan Shelmaliere West New Ross
Ballymitty Shelmaliere West Wexford
Ballymore Forth Wexford
Ballynaslaney Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Ballynaslaney Shelmaliere East Enniscorthy
Ballyvaldon Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Ballyvalloo Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Bannow Bargy Wexford
Carn Forth Wexford
Carnagh Bantry New Ross
Carnew Gorey Gorey
Carnew Gorey Shillelagh
Carnew Scarawalsh Gorey
Carrick Shelmaliere West Wexford
Castle-ellis Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Chapel Bantry Enniscorthy
Clone Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Clongeen Shelmaliere West New Ross
Clongeen & Horetown Shelmaliere West New Ross
Clonleigh Bantry New Ross
Clonmines Shelburne New Ross
Clonmore Bantry Enniscorthy
Clonmore Shelmaliere East Enniscorthy
Clonmore Shelmaliere West Enniscorthy
Coolstuff Shelmaliere West Wexford
Crosspatrick Gorey Gorey
Donaghmore Ballaghkeen Gorey
Donaghmore Gorey Gorey
Donaghmore Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass
Doonooney Bantry Wexford
Drinagh Forth Wexford
Duncormick Bargy Wexford
Edermine Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Ferns Gorey Enniscorthy
Ferns Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Ferns Scarawalsh Gorey
Fethard Shelburne New Ross
Hook Shelburne New Ross
Horetown Shelmaliere West New Ross
Inch Gorey Gorey
Inch Shelmaliere West New Ross
Ishartmon Forth Wexford
Kerloge Forth Wexford
Kilbride Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Kilbride Scarawalsh Gorey
Kilbrideglynn Shelmaliere West Wexford
Kilcavan Ballaghkeen Gorey
Kilcavan Bargy New Ross
Kilcavan Bargy Wexford
Kilcavan Gorey Gorey
Kilcomb Scarawalsh Gorey
Kilcormick Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Kilcormick Ballaghkeen Gorey
Kilcormick Gorey Enniscorthy
Kilcowan Bargy Wexford
Kilcowan Bargy Wexford
Kilcowanmore Bantry Enniscorthy
Kildavin Forth Wexford
Kilgarvan Shelmaliere West New Ross
Kilgorman Gorey Gorey
Killag Bargy Wexford
Killann Bantry Enniscorthy
Killegney Bantry Enniscorthy
Killegney Bantry Mountmellick
Killenagh Ballaghkeen Gorey
Killesk Shelburne New Ross
Killiane Forth Wexford
Killila Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Killincooly Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Killincooly Ballaghkeen Gorey
Killinick Forth Wexford
Killisk Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Killurin Shelmaliere West Enniscorthy
Killurin Shelmaliere West Wexford
Kilmacree Forth Wexford
Kilmakilloge Ballaghkeen Gorey
Kilmakilloge Gorey Gorey
Kilmallock Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Kilmanman Bargy Wexford
Kilmannan Bargy Wexford
Kilmokea Shelburne New Ross
Kilmore Bargy Wexford
Kilmuckridge Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Kilmuckridge Ballaghkeen Gorey
Kilnahue Gorey Gorey
Kilnamanagh Ballaghkeen Gorey
Kilnenor Gorey Gorey
Kilpatrick Shelmaliere East Enniscorthy
Kilpatrick Shelmaliere East Wexford
Kilpipe Gorey Gorey
Kilrane Forth Wexford
Kilrush Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Kilscanlan Bantry New Ross
Kilscoran Forth Wexford
Kiltennell Ballaghkeen Gorey
Kiltrisk Ballaghkeen Gorey
Kiltrisk Gorey Gorey
Kilturk Bargy Wexford
Ladysisland Forth Wexford
Liskinfere Gorey Gorey
Maudlintown Forth Wexford
Mayglass Forth Wexford
Meelnagh Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Meelnagh Ballaghkeen Gorey
Monamolin Ballaghkeen Gorey
Monamolin Gorey Gorey
Monart Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Moyacomb Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Moyacomb Scarawalsh Shillelagh
Moyne Ballinacor South Shillelagh
Mulrankin Bargy Wexford
Newbawn Bantry New Ross
Newbawn Shelmaliere West New Ross
Oldross Bantry New Ross
Owenduff Shelburne New Ross
Rathaspick Forth Wexford
Rathmacknee Forth Wexford
Rathroe Shelburne New Ross
Rossdroit Bantry Enniscorthy
Rosslare Forth Wexford
Rossminoge Gorey Gorey
Skreen Ballaghkeen Wexford
Skreen Shelmaliere East Wexford
St. Bridget's Forth Wexford
St. Doologe's Forth Wexford
St. Helen's Forth Wexford
St. Iberius Forth Wexford
St. James & Dunbrody Shelburne New Ross
St. James & Dunbrody Shelburne New Ross
St. John's Bantry Enniscorthy
St. John's Forth Wexford
St. Margaret's Ballaghkeen Wexford
St. Margaret's Forth Wexford
St. Margaret's Shelmaliere East Wexford
St. Mary's Bantry New Ross
St. Mary's Forth Wexford
St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
St. Michael's Forth Wexford
St. Michael's of Feagh Forth Wexford
St. Mullin's Bantry New Ross
St. Nicholas Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
St. Patrick's Forth Wexford
St. Peter's Forth Wexford
St. Peters Forth Wexford
St. Selskar's Forth Wexford
Tacumshin Forth Wexford
Taghmon Bargy Wexford
Taghmon Shelmaliere West New Ross
Taghmon Shelmaliere West Wexford
Tellarought Shelburne New Ross
Templeludigan Bantry New Ross
Templescoby Bantry Enniscorthy
Templeshanbo Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Templeshannon Ballaghkeen Enniscorthy
Templeshannon Scarawalsh Enniscorthy
Templetown Shelburne New Ross
Tikillin Shelmaliere East Wexford
Tintern Shelburne New Ross
Tomhaggard Bargy Wexford
Toome Gorey Gorey
Toome Scarawalsh Gorey
Whitechurch Bantry New Ross
Whitechurch Shelburne New Ross
Whitechurchglynn Bantry Wexford
Whitechurchglynn Shelmaliere West Wexford

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