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Known Issues

Question #1: When trying to view the images in this collection, I get a black page instead of the image. How can I view the image?
Answer #1: When the image comes up as a black screen, but you can see the details at the top of the viewing window, it means that the pixel size is too large for the Image Viewer. However, you can use the “+” and “-“signs on the sizing tool to adjust the image size and bring it up. You can also use the cursor, by pressing the left mouse button, to move the image up and down on the screen.

Question #2: When searching Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1949 > Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva), sometimes the type of records and year ranges are incorrect. How do I find the records I am searching?
Answer #2: The following gives what type and year ranges are found under which waypoint:

Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva)> Bribir > Deaths (Umrli) > 1858-1898 are located as Images 193-597. Images 1-192 contains Marriage (Vjenčani) > 1858 – 1900.
Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Dubovac (Karlovac) > Births (Rođeni) 1891-1896 Marriages (Vjenčani) 1858-1901 Deaths (Umrli) 1878-1881 contains Births (Rođeni) 1891-1896 Marriages (Vjenčani) 1858-1901 Deaths (Umrli) 1878-1881 Deaths (Umrli) 1858-1862 (Mar 22).
Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Prelog > Births (Rođeni) 1881-1887, 1868-1906 actually contains Births (Rođeni) 1881-1887, Marriages (Vjenčani) 1868-1906
Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Prelog > (Rođeni) 1913-1942 Marriages (Vjenčani) 1895-1918, 1926, 1941-1942 actually contains Births (Rođeni) 1913-1942, Marriages (Vjenčani) 1895-1918, 1926. There are no Marriages (Vjenčani) 1940 and 1941.

Question #3: When searching this collection for Vukovar, marriage registers for 1758-1828, I cannot find them. How do I find these records?
Answer #3: You will find those records under Sotin, Births (Rođeni) 1758-1828.

Question #4: When searching waypoint Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva)> Skitača, Sv. Lucija >Births (Rođeni) 1714-1815, I find records from Sv. Nedescina, Nedjelja. Where can I find the records for this type and year range for Skitača, Sv. Lucija?
Answer #4: This section of the records was erroneously placed with this Skitača, Sv. Lucija collection. You may find some of these records in the other three Births (Rođeni) titles. There is no separate section for Births (Rođeni) 1714-1815.

Question #5: Sometimes when I search this collection, it seems pages are missing. Are they available somewhere else?
Answer #5: Missing pages are usually missing from the collection and therefore are not available for viewing either online or by ordering the microfilm. Known missing pages are listed below:

  • Greek Catholic (Grkokatolička crkva) > Sosice > Births (Rođeni) 1855-1900 Marriages (Vjenčani) 1855-1920 Deaths (Umrli) 1855-1920 are actually Births (Rođeni) 1885-1900 Marriages (Vjenčani) 1885-1920 Deaths (Umrli) 1885-1920. Records from 1855-1884 are missing from the collection.
  • Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva ) > Curzola > Births (Rođeni) 1852-1891 is missing pages 200-201 (one image).
  • Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Lokvičić > Births (Rođeni) 1825-1849 Marriages (Vjenčani) 1825-1857 Deaths (Umrli) 1825-1831 page VI is missing.
  • Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Račišće > Births (Rođeni) 1894-1900 Marriages (Vjenčani) 1858-1920 Deaths (Umrli) 1845-1920 page 14 is missing. It should be after image 23.

Question #6: When searching Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1949 - Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva), Sinj, Births (Rođeni) 1765-1830, 1824-1830, I am looking for birth records from 1879 – 1903 as the label states, but I cannot find 1886. Where will I find the information I am searching?
Answer #6: The collection is a series of groups of birth records, putting the dates out of order. The complete date range is from 1879-1903, as specified in the title. You need to search for the general date area, then search individually through the collection until you find the dates.

Question #7: When searching these records, sometimes I find that the event type and/or date range for the images are incorrect. How do I find the correct records?
Answer #7: See below for the correct event/date range location:

  • Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva), Sinj, Births (Rođeni) 1765-1830, 1824-1830 should really be Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva), Sinj, Baptisms 1765-1830, Births (Rođeni) 1824-1830
  • Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1949 > Evangelical > Zagreb > Birth 1897-1903 should really be Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1949 > Evangelical > Zagreb > Birth 1879-1903
  • Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Kuzminec > Births (Rođeni) 1762 Deaths (Umrli) 1759-1773, 1724-1762 Births (Rođeni) 1763-1828 actually contain records for Birth (Rođeni) 1763-1843 (additional records to the browse point)

Question #8: When searching Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Šandrovac (Bjelovar)> Marriages (Vjenčani) 1858-1906 and Marriages (Vjenčani) 1896-1906 I find duplicate images.
Answer #8: The records are the exact same. The engineers are aware and are working on this issue.

If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to report them at Please include the following information:

  • If browsing this collection: please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the Image viewer window.
    For example: Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1949 > Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva) > Žeževica > Deaths (Umrli) 1863-1880 > Image 12 of 95.
  • If you are reporting a technical issue: please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer.

Your assistance will help ensure that future revisions will be considered.

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