Croatia Church Records

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Parish Registers

  • Roman Catholic parishes kept registers earlier than Orthodox parishes which were required to keep them only after 1777. Croats are almost exclusively Roman Catholic and Serbs are Orthodox.
  • Civil transcripts of registers were mandated during the 19th century.
  • A tabular format was adopted after 1848.
  • Older parish registers have been and continue to be transferred to the district historical archives or the Croatia State Archive.
  • The language of the records is either Latin, Croatian, Hungarian, or Italian. Glagolitic and Cyrillic as well as Roman script occur in the records.

FamilySearch Microfilming

  • Various church books from the Croatian State Archives
  • Orthodox church records of the Blaski eparchy (Blaski is not a geographic place, but the name of a patriarch. The eparchy covered all of the Orthodox parishes in Dalmatia)
  • Documents from district church archives throughout Croatia
  • Church records from the Osijek State Archives
  • Material from the Varaždin State Archives
  • Catholic church books from the Zadar and Split State Archives
  • Orthodox church books from the Zadar and Split State Archives
  • Church books from the Dubrovnik State Archives
  • Records from the Rijeka State Archives
  • Records from the Pazin State Archives

Web Sites

  • ARHiNET Croatia 209 vital registers, presently from the Zagreb area only, expected to grow.