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'''Adjacent towns: ''Aroostook Co.: '' [[Caswell, Maine|Caswell]] | Connor Township | [[Hamlin, Maine|Hamlin]] | [[Stockholm, Maine|Stockholm]] | Township 17 R3 | [[Van Buren, Maine|Van Buren]]'''  
'''Adjacent towns: ''Aroostook Co.: '' [[Caswell, Maine|Caswell]] | [[Maine townships|Connor Township]] | [[Hamlin, Maine|Hamlin]] | [[Stockholm, Maine|Stockholm]] | [[Maine townships|Township 17 R3]] | [[Van Buren, Maine|Van Buren]]'''  
{{MEAro towns}} <br>  
{{MEAro towns}} <br>  

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United States Gotoarrow.png Maine Gotoarrow.png Aroostook Gotoarrow.png Cyr Plantation

Cyr Plantation is a Maine plantation in the forests of Aroostook County.

Brief History


Adjacent towns: Aroostook Co.: Caswell | Connor Township | Hamlin | Stockholm | Township 17 R3 | Van Buren