Brno Moravian Land Archives, Czech Republic Church Records

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Church Books from the Brno Regional Archive

The Family History Library has not acquired any records from the archives within the Czech Republic. However, some of the parish registers of the Brno archive (that holds the Suchov records) are already available on-line at:

To search the original records you have to register first.

Click on "Registrace nového uživatele" at the top of the screen

You only need to fill in the fields with star: Jméno - given name Příjmení - surname Datum narození (den.měsíc.rok) - birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy) Číslo OP - enter 0 (zero) Emailová adresa - email address Přihlašovací jméno (login) - choose your login Heslo - password Heslo znovu (pro kontrolu) - enter password again Check that you agree "Souhlasím s podmínkami užití služeb" Click "Registrovat se"

Click on "Přihlášení do systému" at the top of the screen to begin using the records. Fill in "Přihlašovací jméno (login)" - your login and "Heslo" - password.Click on "Přihlásit se" to enter the database.

Under "Obec" choose the name of the parish. This will be Nova Lhota and/or Borsice u Blatnice for more recent records and Velka nad Velickou and/or Hluk for older records. Click on "Hledej" to display the records fo the parish. Narozeni-baptisms, Oddani-marriages, Zzemreli-deaths. At this time, only some records of Velka nad Velickou are available. Click on the magnyfying glass symbol in the last column.