Litoměřice Regional Archives, Czech Republic Church Records

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Church books of the Litoměřice Regional Archive that cover the time period 1552-1905 are being digitized and available on the FamilySearch website. The database is in English.

Records Description

Church books contain baptisms (birth), marriage, and burial (death) information and are definitely the best source for identifying one’s relatives in the Czech Republic.

Entries are usually arranged in chronological order and, after 1784, in a columnar format. Sometimes, baptisms, marriages, and burials are kept all for all villages in a parish, for each year. Other times, each village has its own section of baptisms, marriages, and burials, listed chronologically. Some records are in preprinted forms. Most records include indexes. Czech church records are usually in one of three languages: Czech, German, or Latin.

While the books have been kept to the present, they are only available for research through 1905 because of privacy laws.

To read more about the records description click on the following link;c=1429329

Records Content

Baptismal entries usually contain the following:

  • names of the child, parents, and godparents, sometimes grandparents
  • Date and place of birth and baptism, sometimes time of birth and baptism
  • Residence and religion of the parents and other direct-line ancestors
  • Occupation of the father and other males listed
  • Whether the child was legitimate or illegitimate

Marriage entries contain: Names of the bride, groom, their parents, witnesses, and often grandparents, great-grandparents, or more rarely, even 2nd great-grandparents Date and place of marriage, sometimes time of marriage Age of bride and groom Residence of the bride, groom, and their ancestors Religion of the bride and groom Occupation of the groom and other males listed

Burial entries contain: Names of the deceased, spouse/parents, and often grandparents, great-grandparents, or more rarely, even 2nd great-grandparents Date and place of death and burial, sometimes time of death and burial Age and residence of deceased Residences of other ancestors listed Cause of death

How to access the records online

Click on the following link to access baptisms, marriages and burials for localities:;t=browsable;w=0;p=collectionDetails

Follow the instructions on the screen.