Zámrsk Regional Archives, Czech Republic Church Records

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Since June 2009, Zámrsk Regional Archive is in the process of digitizing parish registers. At the end of Ostober 2011, more than 40% of all parish registers were digitized. Some of these records are now available online through the FamilySearch. For the list of parishes available through the FamilySearch click here.

Zámrsk Regional Archive decided not to maintain its own digital archive, unlike other Czech archives. However, images are available for a free download in a ZIP file. Click here to see which parishes now have their registers available for dowload.

Following is the detailed alphabetical list of parish registers available for download with clicable links.


Below is the example of the typical entry. Every entry has a link. Click on the link to download a file to your computer. N=births, O=marriages, Z=deaths.

1. sign. 1-1 matrika NOZ 1787-1803 kn1
územní rozsah: Babice
21x35 cm, vazba: poloplátěná, 26 fol., čeština
mikrofilm č. 2376,