Zámrsk Regional Archives, Czech Republic Church Records

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Since June 2009, Zámrsk Regional Archive is in the process of digitizing parish registers. At the end of October 2011, more than 40% of all parish registers were digitized. Some of these records are now available online through the FamilySearch website, for a complete listing, click here.

Zámrsk Regional Archive decided not to maintain its own digital archive, unlike other Czech archives, however, digitized registers may be downloaded for free in a ZIP file. Click here to see which parishes now have their registers available for download to your computer.

First, click here to access a PDF file. This PDF file contains a detailed alphabetical inventory of parishes. Each register's description includes a clicable link. To begin downloading, click on the link and the download will begin.

Below is the example of the typical entry. Every entry has a link. Click on the link to download a file to your computer. N=births, O=marriages, Z=deaths.

1. sign. 1-1 matrika NOZ 1787-1803 kn1
územní rozsah: Babice
21x35 cm, vazba: poloplátěná, 26 fol., čeština
mikrofilm č. 2376,