Czech Republic Finding Your Ancestor in the Records

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Czech Republic Gotoarrow.pngGetting Started

Researching in Czech Records can seem like a daunting task when thinking about the handwriting and the records; however, by using the following suggestions and learning a few basic key words and some background information, using Czech records can be quite easy.

Suggestion 1: Learn the Basics of Czech Language and Handwriting

You do not need to completely master the Czech language in order to use the records. Most of the Czech genealogical records follow a common format and use common terms. Once you understand some of the key words and become familiar with the handwriting a whole treasure trove of information will be open to you. Use the following links for key words and handwriting guide.

Suggestion 2: Previous Research Sources

Most genealogists do a survey of research previously done by others. This can save time and give you valuable information. You may want to look in:

Remember that the information in these sources might be wrong, depending on who did the research. Therefore, you need to analyze and verify the information you find from these secondary sources.