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Denní Hlasatel

An excellent source of information for those that are researching Czech (Bohemian) ancestors is the Czech-language newspaper called the Denní Hlasatel that has been published in the Chicago area since 1891. It used to be published daily and almost all issues of the newspaper have been preserved on microfilms.

The Denní Hlasatel provides a wealth of information for anyone conducting genealogical research. The obituaries that were published provide detailed information, including on information social organizations and worker's unions. Although the amount of information available in obituaries varies, it includes many of the following items:

  • name of the deceased individual, including maiden name for the woman
  • date and time of death
  • age of the deceased
  • village of birth in Europe and/or district and/or closest large city
  • number of years in America
  • date and time of funeral
  • home address or deceased
  • name of Funeral Director, cemetery where buried
  • names of surviving relatives, including relationship to the deceased
  • organizations'of participation
  • work affiliation

Currently, there exists an index to obituaries in the Denní Hlasatel that covers the period from 1891 to 1970.

Searching the Denní Hlasatel Obituary Index is the first step in finding detailed obituaries in the newspaper. Once you have located the name of the deceased and the date of obituary publication, you may then obtain the complete detailed obituary from the actual Denni Hlasatel issue via one of the microfilm repositories:

Microfilm of the Chicago newspaper, the Denní Hlasatel, contains much information that occurred from 1891 to the present. For those who do not read or write the language, the most valuable information is obituaries.

A word of caution. Not every issue of the Denní Hlasatel is on microfilm. In the case of the 1930's, the months of November 1932, December 1932, March 1934 and September 1935 are missing. Also, there are probably some errors of interpretation due to the poor quality of some of the microfilm.

Please note that although the Denní Hlasatel is still in existence, it is not possible to receive any information from the publisher.