Czech Republic Prague Conscriptions (1850-1914)

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National Archive in Prague is in the process of digitizing and indexing Prague police registration forms - conscriptions (1850–1914) and making them available through their digital archive. Conscription records (also known as meldezettel) are residence permits issued at the Prague police headquarters for the Prague region. This database can be very helpful in research for family members who lived in Prague.

Beginning in 1850, people were required to register their residence with the local police. Registration forms used in the larger towns of the Austrian Empire, including Bohemia and Moravia, continued to be used in Czechoslovakia until World War II. Today, the collections are sometimes available in city archives (such as Brno, Ostrava, and Prague), but the cards are accessible only on site.

The entries include the name of the head of household, followed by the name of wife, children and other relatives with whom the family shared the residence, date of registration with the police, number of the house and district (see below for the list of Prague districts), and job of the head of household. It may include year and place of birth, religion and, in case of a married woman, her maiden name. The sheet may also contain entries concerning marriages and deaths and was regularly updated until 1914.

The database is in English.

To read introduction, go to:

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Click on the Search tab. Type in the surname and hit Search button. Click view to see the image.

This website is still under construction.

Prague districts:
IStare Mesto (Prague District I), Nove Mesto (District II), Mala Strana (District III), Hradcany ( District IV), Josefov (former Jewish quarter, Prague District V), Vysehrad (District VI), Holesovice, Bubny (District VII), Bohnice, Kobylisy, Liben (District VIII), Hloubetin, Vysocany (District IX), Karlin (District X), Zizkov (District XI), Vinohrady (District XII), Vrsovice, Zabehlice (District XIII), MichIe, Nusle, Pankrac (District XIV), Branik, Podoli (District XV), Hlubocepy, Smichov (District XVI), Kosire, Motol (District XVII), Brevnov, Stresovice (District XVIII), Bubenec, Dejvice (District XIX), Strasnice (District XX).