Czech Republic Town Records

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Town books

Established in Bohemia around end of 13th century or beginning of 14th
Concern rights of towns and townsmen, some include property records, testaments, marriage agreements, debentures, trade records, criminal, military, political,and orphan books
Smaller towns, less information, established later
Many new Books were created in 1849 after the abolition of serfdom. The types of records in these new books are listed below. Records still varied widely from place to place.

-incoming mail book
-town and local councils and committees books
-ledger book (financial records book0
-cash book (account book)
-main tax book
-poor book (alms book)
-resident certificate book
-registration book
-vineyard book
-mining book
-confirmation book
-construction book
-orphan book
-debenture book