Dalmillington Church Record

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New Statistical Account of Scotland (FHL book 941 B4sa, series 2)

Vol. # ___5__ County: _______Ayr____________ Parish: _______Dalmellington________

This account was written in 1837.

The name can be traced to its Gaelic origin Dail, signifying a field or valley, and Muileannwhich means a mill and the common affix ton. It therefore signifies a mill field.

Ayr, and

Dalmellington are the nearest towns.
The river Doon flows through this parish.
The Hon. Colonel and Mrs. Macadam Cathcart of  Craigengillan, posses nearly the whole of the parish.
The land was primarily used for,  coal, sheep, cattle, oats, potatoes, hay, and woollen mills .
The population in 1791 was 681.
The population in 1837 was 1126.

The first date of the parish  records is March 7, 1641, and for the most part have been well kept to the present day.(1837)
The number of Communicants at the Established Church is 465. There are 7 Reformed Presbyterians
And a family or two of Irish Papists.