Danish Genealogical Words beginning with N

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Danish English
nabo neighbor
nat night
nati, nativitas (Latin) birth
natus (Latin) born
natvægter night watchman
navn name
navnet named, the name
navnlig especially
nedbrændte burned down
nedslagte butcher
nej no
nemlig namely
nevø nephew
ni 9
ni og tyvende 29th
niece niece
niende 9th
nitten 19
nittende 19th
nogen, nogle some, any
nomine (lLatin) by/with the name (of)
nord north
Norge Norway
Norsk Norwegian
November November
nu now
nulevende living
nummer number
nutid present
ny new
nyfder almisse, nyder almisse receives alms, welfare
nyfder ophold, nyder ophold living at the place
nylig lately
nytaar new year
nær near, close
næringsdrivende tradesman
næringsvej livelihood, trade
næste next, neighbor
nævning juror
naar when, if, reach