Danish Genealogical Words beginning with P

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Danish English
paa on, upon
parcellist holder of a small plot of land
pagina (Latin) page
parcel plot of land
pastorat parish
penge money
pension pension
person, personer person, persons
personerne the persons, the people
pige girl, maid, servant
pigebarn girl, young girl
pigen the girl
plejebarn foster child
plejebørn foster children
plejedatter foster daughter
plejefader foster father
plejeforældre foster parents
plejemoder foster mother
plejesøn foster son
plovmand ploughman, 500 kroner note
portner doorkeeper, porter
portvagt gatekeeper
positivspiller organ grinder
post, p. (Latin) after
postbud postman
pottemager potter
prammand bargeman
prins prince
prinsesse princess
proclamation proclamation
protokollere enter, record, register
provst rural dean
provsti deanery
provstinde deans wife
prygl flogging
prædike preach
præst, præsten priest, the priest, clergyman, minister
publicere publish
paa on, at
paa stedet at this place
paadømmelse judgement