Daughters of Utah Pioneers

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Contact Info
Address 300 North Main
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Telephone 801-538-1050
Website www.dupinternational.org

The International Society for the Daughters of Utah Pioneers maintains a museum of pioneer memorabilia and a small library of family histories. Membership applications, showing members' genealogy, are available in the library. Yearly, they publish a volume about the history of Utah that includes biographies of pioneers and early residents of Utah, information about historical sites, and accounts of journeys across the ocean and plains. See Utah Biography for information on their publications.

History of the society

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Collection of Histories and Photographs


  • The members of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) have prepared and collected thousands of biographies of early pioneers (1847-1869). Search for a pioneer history on the website. Women are listed in the index by their married name. You can request a copy of the history is you are a member of DUP or a direct descendant of the pioneer. Hint: searching by just the last name or by just the first name will help you find histories entered into the database by different spellings.


  • The organization also has photographs of many of the early church members. Copies can by ordered through the mail.


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Society Meetings

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Frequently Asked Questions

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