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== Canada  ==
== Canada  ==
*[[Delaware, Ontario|Delaware, Ontario]]
*[http://www.familysearch.org/eng/library/fhlcatalog/supermainframeset.asp?display=localitydetails&subject=173269&subject_disp=Ontario%2C+Middlesex%2C+Delaware+Township&columns=*,0,0 Delaware, Middlesex, Ontario]
== People and Language  ==
== People and Language  ==

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Delaware may refer to:

A Place

A State or Colony

  • Delaware, an eastern state in the United States

Delaware may also refer to:

A County

A Municipality

A Township

A River or River Cut

  • Delaware River, rising in New York State, forming the boundary between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and emptying into Delaware Bay, which separates New Jersey from the state of Delaware.
  • Delaware River (Kansas), a river in northeast Kansas, a major tributary of the Kansas River.
  • Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, a cut through the Appalachian mountains by the Delaware River.


People and Language