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The most extensive collections of Delaware maps are at the University of Delaware Library, the Historical Society of Delaware, and at the Wilmington Institute Free Library.

A valuable atlas that shows names of landowners is:

Beers, Daniel G. Atlas of the State of Delaware. . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Pomeroy and Beers, 1868. (FHL fiche 6332689.)

There are United States atlases for the following years with excellent Delaware maps: 1790, 1810, 1823, 1838, 1862, 1878, 1884, and 1917 (FHL film 002083.)

The best atlas for showing changes in county formation and boundary disputes is by the:

Newberry Library. Historical Atlas and Chronology of County Boundaries, 1788-1980. Volume 1. John H. Long, ed. Boston, Massachusetts: G.K. Hall & Company, 1984. (FHL Ref book 973 E7hl v. 1; fiche 6051426; 3 fiche.)