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Delgobe's Collection has about 4,890 families. This collection is on 65 microfilm reels. The first reel, 353099, contains a full alphabetical listing of the families which are included. These are, almost without exception, the nobility of Norway and use non-patronymic names.

Most of these families have their roots in another country such as Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, or Pommerania. They came to Norway as merchants, clergy, and military officers among other occupations. They intermarried or sometimes made a fortune by marrying a rich widow. An article by Ida Bull entititled Immigrating Merchants to Trondheim in the 18th Century tells about three such families. Flensburg Immigrants to Trondheim were merchants and built up Norwegian trade with Europe.

The pedigrees and descendant charts in the Delgobe collection are mostly all handwritten and can be difficult to follow. However, there is a wealth of information given here that may have been left out of printed materials about the family.

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