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*[[Nordic Given Names|Nordic Given Names List]]  
*[[Nordic Given Names|Nordic Given Names List]]  
*[[Denmark: Handwriting Examples|Handwriting Examples]]  
*[[Denmark: Handwriting Examples|Handwriting Examples]]  
*[[Danish Handwriting Guide|Handwriting Guide]]
*[[Danish Handwriting Guide|Handwriting Guide]]  
*[http://www.dis-danmark.dk/kort/kort.htm Maps] - counties(amts) > herreds>local communities
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*[[Viborg County, Denmark|Viborg]]  
*[[Viborg County, Denmark|Viborg]]  
*[[Åbenrå County, Denmark|Åbenrå]]  
*[[Åbenrå County, Denmark|Åbenrå]]  
*[[Ålborg County, Denmark|Ålborg]]  
*[[Ålborg County, Denmark|Aalborg]]  
*[[Århus County, Denmark|Århus]]
*[[Århus County, Denmark|Århus]]

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In 1793 the Counties were reorganized into 24 Counties. However, Roskilde is filed under København so we only list 23 counties below. The churches in Copenhagen City are listed under the city rather than the county.

The Danish name for county is Amt. The organization of Danish records in the Family History Library Catalog is based upon this time period.

HjørringHjørringÅlborgThistedViborgRandersRandersRingkøbingSkanderborgÅrhusRibeVejleTønderHaderslevÅbenråSønderborgOdenseSvendborgMariboHolbækSorøFrederiksborgPræstøKøbenhavnBornholmKøbenhavn CityDanish Amts 1793 to 1970 2x2.jpg

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