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Danish Tax Lists: Taxation

Tax lists were kept by the county government. Use them to determine when a person first appeared on a particular property and when he or she disappeared from the rolls. This can help you estimate birth and death dates. The earliest tax lists for Denmark date from 1559. However, they were first kept regularly from 1572 onward. Beginning in 1762, tax lists included all persons over 12 years of age. These lists, available only in Denmark, are like a census record listing the names and ages of each person over 12 years old in each parish.
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When you are researching a period earlier than church records were recorded, tax lists may be the best source available for research. Although tax lists do not list birth date information, you may be able to estimate the age of your ancestor from the time he or she first appears on the lists or when his or her name is dropped from the list.
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Establishing relationships from tax lists is difficult. Establishing relationships from tax lists is difficult.

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