Derbyshire Archives and Libraries

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Derbyshire Record Office

Located in East Matlock, the Derbyshire Record Office is responsible for all archives in the county.

From their website:

We hold over four miles of original Derbyshire records which you can view in our search room in Matlock. Information about what records we hold is available on our Guides and Catalogues...
We have a vast collection of original Derbyshire archives which can be used for family, house and local history, and much more. You can now search online for archive collections we hold using our Record Office Guide, but it is not possible to view the records themselves on our website. Visit our records to check our source guides to types of records, such as parish registers and to search our online catalogue...
We can answer general enquiries about collections by telephone, post or email... For more complex or detailed enquiries, we offer a specialised search service. Copies of specific documents may be ordered from us using our copying services.

The County Council runs the Archive Service, and also has a Derbyshire Record Office blog.

Derby Local Studies Library