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Many countries throughout the world have recognized that a significant part of their national culture and history is recorded in newspapers. Unfortunately, many of the historic newspapers of the world were published on cheap paper and are rapidly deteriorating. In order to stem the loss of this valuable historical resource, there are a significant number of local and national programs to digitize newspapers and publish the images online.

These collections of digitized newspapers are very valuable to genealogists because of the breadth of the articles that include information about individuals and families. Historical newspaper articles reveal information about people that may not be otherwise recorded. Some of the types of information that may be found include articles about births, marriages, death notices, obituaries, social events, sporting events, church activities and affiliations, occupations, legal notices, land sales, taxation, military service, businesses, and advertisements. Local newspapers may also contain stories that include details about families that may not be found in any other source.

List of Sources

This is sample listing of digital newspaper websites which are historical in nature rather than current newspapers who have digital pages. In many of the sources, articles are searchable by a single word or phrase. Check each website for a help section that will help you use the newspapers on the site.

No list of websites can be comprehensive. New sites come online regularly. It is always a good practice to do a web search on the terms, "digital newspapers" for additional sources.

National Newspaper Projects

This is a sample of the ongoing projects around the world.

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

North America

Central America


Far East


South East Asia


Middle East