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This page is created for the use of FamilySearch Historical Records personnel. It details problems identified within this collection and answers to those problems. If you wish to comment, scroll down and on the right-hand side of the screen choose Discussion to post your comment.

                           Known Issues

Question #1: When searching El Seybo, Santa Cruz del Seybo, Nacimientos 1883-1884, 1893-1902 images 397 has a note saying pages are missing. Are those pages available?
Answer #1: These pages are missing from the original record and are not available on FamilySearch.
Question #2: Are the records found when searching El Seybo, Santa Cruz del Seybo, Nacimientos 1883-1884, 1893-1902 birth records or marriage records?

Question #2: Images 398-519 are birth records that were executed to serve the additional purpose of establishing the legitimacy of the births. A 1944 reformation of the law regarding civil registration includes a fine for parents who do not register their children within 30 days. Prior to that time, it was not uncommon to create a birth record for a child or even an older individual by having the parents and witnesses certify after the fact that the child was indeed legitimately born to the parents. The difficulty in reading these documents and their similarity to marriage entries make these legitimate child entries look very much like marriage entries.

Question #3: Are all of the records in Santiago, Santiago de los Caballeros, Matrimonios 1887-1900 marriage records?
Answer #3: Images 193-347 are Defunciones (Death) records for the dates June 1899 through October 1900.

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