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==== Surrounding Parishes  ====
==== Surrounding Parishes  ====
[[Altikon parish, Zürich, Switzerland|Altikon]]<br>[[Andelfingen parish, Zürich, Switzerland|Andelfingen]]<br>[[Dägerlen parish, Zürich, Switzerland|Dägerlen]]<br>[[Dinhard parish, Zürich, Switzerland|Dinhard]]<br>[[Neunforn parish, Thurgau, Switzerland|Neunforn]] (Thurgau)<br>[[Ossingen parish, Zürich, Switzerland|Ossingen]]
=== Collections  ===
=== Collections  ===

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Dorlikon was a filial parish to the church parish of Andelfingen, obtaining its own priest in 1599.  In 1643, it became an independent church parish, but was merged politically with Altikon in 1648.  In 1878, Dorlikon changed its name to Thalheim an der Thur.

Place Names

Locations within Dorlikon

Surrounding Parishes

Neunforn (Thurgau)


Church Records

Census Records

(see here for article describing the Zürich census records)

Dorlikon was a filial of Andelfingen until 1643, when it became independent. The 1634 census is probably recorded under Andelfingen. Dorlikon was merged politically with Altikon in 1648; censuses after 1648 were recorded under Altikon. The following censuses are available for Dorlikon:

Census Year FHL Film number item number beginning page
1637 1185141 2 1041
1640 1185143 2 441
1643 1185146 1 281
1646 1185148 1 21


(see here for article describing Swiss compiled genealogies)

The following genealogies have been researched for Dorlikon families:

Civil Registration


The following surnames held citizenship in Dorlikon prior to 1875:

Related Sources

The town's website (in German) can be found here.

Societies and Libraries

Cantonal Archive of Zürich


Register of Swiss Surnames

Historical Gazetteer of Switzerland