Dovre, Oppland, Norway Genealogy

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Norway > Oppland County > Dovre

Church Records

Dovre clerical district contains parish registers from Dovre parish. It was separated from Lesja (Læssø) clerical district in 1860. Included Øvre Folldal parish in Alvdal clerical district in Hedmark county until 1863. For records before 1842 see Lesja (Læssø) clerical district.

Also available as digital images from The National Archives of Norway.

Dovre: 1854-1949

Lesja: 1724-1854

Lesja: Dovre: 1842-1862

Census Records

For 1801 and earlier census records see Lesja.

An extraction of the 1865 census for Dovre. It includes alphabetical lists of the given names, surnames, farm names, and birth places listed in this census. It also includes an extract of entries in the order they appear in the original census.

  • 1875 Census Dovre clerical district Microfilmed images are available at the Family History Library Films 273221-273222.

A farm name index Film 273273

An extraction of the 1865 census for Dovre. Includes alphabetical indexes by: 1) given name ; 2) father's name ; 3) surname ; 4) birth place ; and 5) farm name.

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Probate Records

1658-1887: Probates are found in Nordre Gudbrandsdal judicial district.

1720-1735: Probates may be found in Gudbrandsdal judicial district

1696-1712: Clerical probates are found in Gudbrandsdalen Deanery