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For Geographical and Historical information see: Drenthe

The capital city of Drenthe is Assen. See: Assen

Netherlands Homepage

Getting started with (Drenthe) research

(Exhibition "Worn throughout time"

In Havezate Mensinge in Roden from April 3 to June 27, 2010 is the exhibition "Worn throughout time" to be seen. The exhibition is arranged in cooperation with the Archives Drenthe, Drenthe Museum and Costume Foundation Old-Orange in Hooghalen.

From April 3, clothing is displayed from the period from late 18th to late 20th century. Part of these clothes were actually worn by past inhabitants of the manor. Showpiece of the exhibition is the gala dress worn around 1770 by Gesina Oldenhuis, then owner of the manor. This dress is one of the oldest that is still in good condition in the Netherlands that has been preserved.

Mensinge Manor is first mentioned in 1381. From the late 15th century to 1985 (the year of sale to the municipality Roden) is in the possession of successive three families. The last family (Kymmell), the antique clothing of the family property donated to the Drents Museum. For the duration of the exhibition, this dress can be seen in the original environment once again. The very substantial Mensinge Manor archive is stored in the Drenthe Archive. From this archive, some special documents are on display relating to the clothing of the residents.

Havezate Mensinge is open during the whole season (from April to September) from Wednesday to Sunday from 13.00 -16.30 hours.)



Within the jurisdictions of Drenthe you will find municipalities (gemeenten) with their villages and hamlets that belong to those municipalities. They are divided in two as the bounderies of these municipalities were changed in 1998. You will find them below.

Municipalities before 1998

Municipalities after 1998)

Research Tools

(The best web-site I have been able to find for this province, which includes civil- as well as church records, is: drenlias

The following website for this province covers information provided by the Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging  (Netherlands Genealogical Society). On the left hand side of their home page under the heading: Uitwisseling (Exchange) you can find a very handy item: Links Drenthe. This item gives you numerous links to various websites for this province pertaining to genealogy. )

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To find out more about these interesting dolmens see: hunnebedden and explore all the different options you can find there.)


The latest news, for those who are researching their family history, is that the following records have been added to their web-site:

Burialbooks of Roden, Rolde, Roswinkel, Ruinerwold, Schoonebeek
Burialbooks of Hoogeveen, Nijeveen, Norg en Oosterhesselen
Burialbooks of Emmen, Coevorden, Dalen en Diever on line
Burialbooks of Anloo, Assen en Eelde on line
Registration of inheritances after 1903 in DrenLias
Notary deeds by Lucas Vos from Meppel 1811-1822, with 1860 folders which include the names of 3624 persons
Notary deeds by H. H. A. Sluis from Vledder 1835-1842, with 600 folders containing the names of 2378 persons) more...