Dundee Nonconformist Church Records

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The Established Church of Scotland was Presbyterian.  St Mary's Church was founded in 1198. The building was wrecked by the English army in 1547 but was gradually restored. It became the parish church of Dundee in 1560. By 1788 the original building was divided into five churches, all serving the parish of Dundee: St. Mary's, St. Paul's, St. John's, St. Clements, and St. Andrew's.  A Gaelic Chapel was opened in 1791.  In 1822 St David's Church was added.  In 1841 the east, north, and south churches in the central building were destroyed by fire, leaving only St. Clement's known as the Steeple Church.  By 1847 two of the churches, St. Mary's and St. Paul's had been restored to their places and an additional building was purchased for the third displaced church, St. John's or the Cross Church.  St. Paul's and St. David's were later united.  The four remaining churches had a joint Kirk Session.

St. Andrew's Church was opened in 1774, a Gaelic chapel was opened in Long Wynd in 1791, and also in 1791 the Chapelshade Church (formerly a Relief congregation) was opened.  Between 1800 and 1842 nine more churches were started:  St. David's, St. Peter's*, Hilltown*, St. Paul's*, Dunhope*, Wallacetown*, Lochee, St. Aidan's Broughty Ferry, and Willison*, making a total of seventeen churches.  Those marked with an Asterick all seceded and joined the Free Church at the Disruption in 1843.  Seven other churches lost large sections of their membership to the Free Church.  But as the population of the city and parish grew, more established churches were added. (Source:  The Third Statistical Account of Scotland, 1979.  FHL book 941 B4sa, vol. 25.)

These are the Churches in Angus Dundee Parish #282

Dundee Kirk (St. Mary's, St. Pauls, St. Johns and St. clements combined)

Chapelshade, Chapel of Ease

St. David's Kirk

Wallacetown Kirk

Lochee Kirk

St. Andrew's Kirk

Non Conformists Churches

Seceding Churches

School Wynd United Presbyterian Church

Bell Street United Presbyterian Church

Tay Square United Presbyterian Church

Dudhope Crescent Road United, formerly Relief Presbyterian

James United Presbyterian Church, formerly Relief Presbyterian

Wishart Church United Presbyterian Church

Lochee United Presbyterian Church

West Port Relief Presbyterian Church--see Congregational and Evangelical Union Churches in Dundee

Albert Square Free Presbyterian Church

Baxter Park, Wallacetown Free Presbyterian Church

Bonnethill Free Presbyterian Church

Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church

Chapleshade Free Presbyterian Church

Dudhope Free Presbyterian Church

Gaelic Free Church--see Albert Square Free Presbyterian Church

Hilltown Free Presbyterian Church

Lochee Free Presbyterian Church

Mariner's Free Presbyterian Church--see St Paul's Free Presbyterian Church

St. Andrews Free Presbyterian Church

St. David's Free Presbyterian Church

St. John's Free Presbyterian Church

St. Paul's or Mariners Free Presbyterian Church

St. Peter's Free Presbyterian Church

Wallacetown Free Presbyterian Church--see Baxter Park, Wallacetown Free Church

Dissenting Churches

Congregational and Evangelical Union Churches in Dundee

Baptist Churches in Dundee

Dundee Methodist Society

Episcopalian Churches in Dundee

Roman Catholic Churches in Dundee

Williamson Memorial Unitarian Church of Dundee

Dundee Branch, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints