Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Genealogy

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United States > Massachustts > Plymouth County > Duxbury

Town Hall

878 Tremont St.
Duxbury, MA 02332

Quick History

Establishment and former town name(s) [1]

7 June 1637: "... Ducksburow shallbecome a towneship, ... and to have the prveledges of a towne..." (Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 62.)

Archiac name: Ducksburrow, Green Harbor, Namassakeesett, Mattakeeset

Section/Villages within the town: Ashdod, Captain's Hill, Cedar Crest, Duxbury Beach, Fordsville, Gardnerville, Hall's Corner, Hatchville, Island Creek, Millbrook, North Duxbury, Powder Point, South Duxbury, Tarklin, Tinkertown, West Duxbury


Boundary Changes [1]

2 March 1641: Bounds established.

3 June 1656: Part called the "Duxburrow New Plantation" established as Bridgewater.

2 March 1658: "Namassakeesett" annexex.

5 March 1661: Certrain tract of land granted to Duxbury and Marshfield.

5 July 1670: Bounds between Duxbury and the "Major's Purchase" established.

5 June 1678: Bounds established. 23 February 1683: Bounds between Duxbury and Marshfield established.

21 March 1712: Part included in the new town of Pembroke.

16 Jun 1726: Part included in the new town of Kingston

14 Jun 1813: Bounds between Duxbury andMarshfield established.

14 April 1857: Part annexed to Kingston.

Neighboring Communities

Kingston | Marshfield | Pembroke | Plymouth |



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Ashdod Cemetery

(1811) Keene Street (described in Vital Records of Town as G.R. 4)

Crooked Lane Cemetery

(18th century) Crooked Lane, North Duxbury

Dingley Cemetery

West Street (described in Vital Records of Town as G.R. 2)

Mayflower Cemetery

(1788) (aka Unitarian Church Cemetery, Duxbury Crematory) 774 Tremont St. 617-934-5261

Old Burying Ground

(17th century) (aka Standish Cemetery, South Duxbury Cemetery) (described in Vital Records of Town as G.R. 1)

Orthodox Church Cemetery

rear of Orthodox Church, Washington St., South Duxbury

Site of First Church Cemetery

Chestnut Street, next to Old Burying Ground (many graves not marked)

Walker Cemetery

Valley and Franklin Streets

"Large Cemetery"

described in Vital Records of Town as G.R. 3

'Large Cemetery"

described in Vital Records of Town as G.R. 5

  • 1855
  • 1865

Church History and Records





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Land and Deeds Records


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  2. Google
  3. Hometown Locator

Military History and Records


Societies, Libraries and Museums

Town Records

Vital Records

  1. Google Book - Vital Records of Duxbury to the Year of 1850.



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