Dybvad Estate, Århus, Denmark

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DenmarkGotoarrow.pngÅrhus Gotoarrow.png Dybvad gods


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Estate Properties

County Parish Village/Place Name
Århus Gosmer Dybvad, Gosmer

Hundslund Skablund

Saksild Saksild
Nølev Nølev
Randlev Randlev
Odder Sorbæk
Hvilsted Hvilsted

To see what kind of place it is you will need a Danish Gazetteer.

Related Sources

  • Digital

Records for Dybvad gods is available digitally for the years 1733-1798. See:

  1. Skifteprotokoller 1733-1798
  2. Skifteprotokoller register 1733-1798
  3. Jordebog 1798
  • Printed

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