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FamilySearch Record Search This article describes a collection of historical records available at FamilySearch.org.
Access the records: England, Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions, 1600-1900's .

Record Description

This collection will include records from 1600 to 1900's.

The monumental inscriptions in this collection are either handwritten or typescript. Some have surname indexes, but most are arranged by grave number in numerical sequence. Most also have a plan of the churchyard with the associated grave numbers. Some have sketches of how the individual monuments appear alongside the transcribed inscription.

The collection was filmed by the Family History Department (Genealogical Society of Utah) in 2002 at the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich, England. It is comprised of transcripts of monumental inscriptions made from churchyard cemeteries in Norfolk. Most of the authors are members of the various Women’s Institute groups. The localities in this collection cover about 10% of Norfolk churchyards, and one churchyard in Norwich.

For a list of records by date or locality currently published in this collection, select the Browse link from the collection landing page

Burial dates range from about 1409 to 1999. However, the majority of the monuments are for burials between 1700 and 1980.

Citation for This Collection

The following citation refers to the original source of the information published in FamilySearch.org Historical Record collections. Sources include the author, custodian, publisher and archive for the original records.

"England, Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions, 1600-1900's" Images. FamilySearch. http://FamilySearch.org : accessed 2013. Citing Record Office, Central Library, Norwich.

Suggested citation format for a record in this collection.

Record Content

These records may contain the following information:

  • Given and surname
  • Other family members
  • Death date
  • Age at death
  • Sometimes a birth date
  • A drawing or a description of the monument
  • Grave number
  • Sometimes an epitaph of one or more lines (may have rhyme)
  • Sometimes a place of death other than churchyard in which grave is found
  • An index of surnames to grave numbers.

How to Use the Record

To begin your search, it would be helpful if you knew the following information:

  • Name of ancestor
  • Approximate year and place of death
  • Parish

Search the Collection

To search the collection image by image select "Browse through images" on the initial collection page:
⇒ Select the appropriate "County"
⇒ Select the appropriate "Parish" which takes you to the images.

Look at the images one by one comparing the information with what you already know about your ancestors to determine if the image relates to them. You may need to look at several images and compare the information about the individuals listed in those images to your ancestors to make this determination.

Using the Information

  • Use the names of family members to search for birth records
  • If the deceased was married, use the name of the spouse of your ancestor to search for a marriage record

Tips to Keep in Mind

Use the transcripts as a guide to putting families and married couples together. Compare the findings with any existing burial records from the church.

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Family History Library Catalog titles Found in This Collection

  • A record of the grave inscriptions and of the memorial plaques, parish church of Thorpe St. Andrew, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich, 1676-1978 / Women's Institute. East Thorpe Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Thorpe, Norfolk
  • A record of the gravestones in the churchyard of St. Andrew's Church, Hempstead with Eccles, Norfolk, 1738-1980 / Women's Institute. Hempstead and Lessingham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Hempstead (near North Walsham), Norfolk
  • A record of the memorials in the churchyard of All Saints, Thurlton in the county of Norfolk, 1646-1980 / Women's Institute. Thurlton & District Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Thurlton, Norfolk
  • A survey of the monumental inscriptions of St. Mary's churchyard, Winfarthing, Norfolk / Women's Institute. Winfarthing Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Winfarthing, Norfolk
  • All Saints Church, Earsham, Norfolk, records of graves in All Saints Churchyard (both old and new), 1770-1980 / Women's Institute. Earsham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Earsham, Norfolk
  • All Saints Church, Hemblington, Norfolk, a churchyard recording, 1729-1979 / Women's Institute. Blofield Heath Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Hemblington, Norfolk
  • All Saints Church, Kettlestone, Pakenham, Norfolk [monumental inscriptions] / Johnson, Frederick (2002) Kettlestone, Norfolk
  • All Saints Church, Salhouse, Norfolk : a survey of the gravestones in the churchyard, 1696-1980 / Women's Institute. Salhouse Evening Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Salhouse, Norfolk
  • Blofield Church, St. Peter & St. Andrew [monumental inscriptions], 1662-1981 / Women's Institute. Blofield Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Blofield, Norfolk
  • Catholic parish church of Our Lady and St. Walstan : Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk / Women's Institute. New Costessey Evening Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002)
  • Churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin, Great Snoring, 1776-1981 / Women's Institute. Great Snoring Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Great Snoring, Norfolk
  • Churchyard survey, 1980-1981, South Walsham / Women's Institute. South Walsham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002)
  • Churchyard survey, Church of St. Peter, Little Ellingham / Women's Institute. Little Ellingham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Little Ellingham, Norfolk
  • Dilham churchyard monumental inscriptions / Women's Institute. Smallburgh, Dilham & District Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Dilham, Norfolk
  • General notes, St. Peter's churchyard, Crostwick Common [monumental inscriptions] / Houghton, D. I. (2002) Crostwick, Norfolk
  • M.I. recording, All Saints' Church, Stibbard, Norfolk, 1729-1980 / Women's Institute. Stibbard Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Stibbard, Norfolk
  • Memorials in Tacolneston church and churchyard, 1660-1980 / Women's Institute. Tacolneston Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Tacolneston, Norfolk
  • Monumental inscriptions in the churchyard of Hoveton-St. John, Norfolk, 1760-1981 / Women's Institute. Hoveton Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Hoveton St John, Norfolk
  • Norfolk Federation of W.I.'s project, recording Norfolk's churchyard, Tharston, 1741-1980 / Women's Institute. Tharston Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Tharston, Norfolk
  • Norfolk Federation of Women's Institutes churchyard project, 1980-81, church of St. Botolph at Trunch, Norfolk / Women's Institute. Trunch Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Trunch, Norfolk
  • Parish of Weybourne, Norfolk, list of stones and memorials in the churchyard, 1730-1960 / Women's Institute. Weybourne & Kelling Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Weybourne, Norfolk
  • Record of gravestones taken in Filby parish church, All Saints, Filby, Norfolk, 1740-1980 / Women's Institute. Filby Women's Institute (Norfolk, England), (2002) Filby, Norfolk
  • Record of inscriptions on the gravestones in the churchyard of St. Mary's Yelverton with Alpington in the county of Norfolk : also lists of flowers, grasses, tress and birds noted during survey / Women's Institute. Alpington and Yelverton Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Yelverton, Norfolk
  • Recording Norfolk's Churchyards, St. Peter & St. Paul, Scarning, 1700-1980 / Women's Institute. Scarning Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Scarning, Norfolk
  • Recording of tombstones in St. Mary's churchyard, Thetford, Norfolk, 1719-1900 / Women's Institute. Thetford Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Thetford St Mary the Less, Suffolk
  • Saint Gervase & Saint Protase, Little Plumstead, churchyard recordings, 1682-1978 / Women's Institute. Great and Little Plumstead Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Little Plumstead, Norfolk
  • St. Andrew's Church, Trowse, monumental inscriptions, 1796-1977 / Women's Institute. Trowse Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Trowse, Norfolk
  • St. Botolph's Church, Barford, churchyard recording project, 1695-1980 / Women's Institute. Barford Wramplingham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Barford, Norfolk
  • St. Martin's Church, Thompson, Norfolk, churchyard survey, 1770-1980 / Women's Institute. Thompson Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Thompson, Norfolk
  • St. Mary's Church, Hellesdon [monumental inscriptions], 1763-1980 / Women's Institute. Hellesdon Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Hellesdon, Norfolk
  • St. Mary's, Hickling, monumental inscriptions, 1571-1980 / Women's Institute. Hickling Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Hickling, Norfolk
  • St. Peter & St. Paul's, Tuttington [monumental inscriptions], 1697-1980 / Women's Institute. Colby & Banningham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Tuttington, Norfolk
  • Supplement to memorials in Tacolneston church and churchyard : containing additions to and amendments of gravestone and/or headstone inscriptioins already detailed in the main volume of memorials in Tacolneston church and churchyard, 1980, and the inscriptions of new headstones and/or footstones or descriptions of the burial plots in Tacolneston churchyard up to the summer of 1988, 1954-1988 / Women's Institute. Tacolneston Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Tacolneston, Norfolk
  • Survey of gravestones at St. Margaret's Church, Witton, Norwich / Women's Institute. Brundall Evening Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Witton (near Brundall), Norfolk
  • Survey of gravestones in Wicklewood churchyard / Women's Institute. Wicklewood with Crownthorpe Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Wicklewood, Norfolk
  • Survey of the churchyard of St. Martin's Church, parish of Hindringham, 1730-1980 / Women's Institute. Hindringham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Hindringham, Norfolk
  • The parish church of Saint Edmund King and Martyr, Old Costessey, Norfolk, 1704-1980 / Women's Institute. Old Costessey Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Costessey, Norfolk
  • The village churchyard, 1657-1980 / Women's Institute. West Winch Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) West Winch, Norfolk
  • A record of the monumental inscriptions in the church and churchyard of St. Mary, Gressenhall, Norfolk / Carrington, A. C. (1981) Gressenhall, Norfolk
  • Memorials in Hapton churchyards / Women's Institute. Tacolneston Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Hapton, Norfolk
  • St. Peter's, Corpusty, Norwich [monumental inscriptions] / Women's Institute. Corpusty and Saxthorpe Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Corpusty, Norfolk
  • Catholic parish church of Our Lady and St. Walstan : Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk / Women's Institute. New Costessey Evening Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Costessey, Norfolk
  • Churchyard recording, monumental inscriptons, wild flowers, lichens at Shotesham, Norfolk / Women's Institute. Shotesham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) Shotesham St Mary, Norfolk
  • Recording Norfolk churchyards, Bacton Baptist Church / Marshall, Iris (2002)
  • St. Mary's Church graveyard survey / Stalham High School (Norfolk). Mathematics Department, (2002) Stalham, Norfolk
  • Stockton's stone charters : a survey of the epitaphs in the churchyard of Saint Michael's Church at Stockton in the county of Norfolk / Pronk, S. E. (Simon E.). (1976) Stockton, Norfolk
  • Winfarthing churchyard [monumental inscriptions] / Alden, Thomas (2002) Winfarthing, Norfolk
  • The monumental inscriptions of the church & churchyard of St. Andrew's, Hoe, Norfolk / RAF Swanton Morley Family History Society, (2002) Hoe, Norfolk
  • A plan of Foxley Church & church-yard : showing all monuments and gravestones, and an index of them / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Foxley, Norfolk
  • All Saints Church, Kettlestone, Pakenham, Norfolk [monumental inscriptions] / Johnson, Frederick (2002) Kettlestone, Norfolk
  • Brandiston monumental inscriptions / Barham, R. (2002) Brandiston, Norfolk
  • Hargham monumental inscriptions / Barham, R. (2002) Hargham, Norfolk
  • Illington monumental inscriptions / Barham, R. (2002) Illington, Norfolk
  • Little Fransham monumental inscriptions / Barham, R. (2002) Little Fransham, Norfolk
  • Memorial inscriptions at the ruined church at Fulmodeston / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Fulmodeston cum Croxton, Norfolk
  • Memorial inscriptions for St. Faith's churchyard, Gaywood, King's Lynn, Norfolk / Norfolk and Norwich Genealogical Society. West Norfolk Branch, (2002) Gaywood, Norfolk
  • Monumental inscriptions (incomplete) St. Nicholas parish, Bracon Ash and St. Peter parish, West Lynn, Norfolk County, England / Hartley, Clifford (1947) West Lynn, Norfolk
  • Monumental inscriptions of Ashby St. Mary, Carleton St. Peter and Hellington, Norfolk / King, Graham Loveday (2002) Ashby St Mary, Norfolk
  • Oulton memorial inscriptions both at the church and the Congregational chapel / Green, N. W. B. (2002)
  • Pulham St. Mary monumental inscriptions / Clarke, Dinah (2002) Pulham St Mary the Virgin, Norfolk
  • St. Peter's, Guestwick, memorial inscriptions in the church and yard / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Guestwick, Norfolk
  • The memorial inscriptions in the church and churchyard at Twyford, Norfolk / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Twyford, Norfolk
  • The memorial inscriptions in the church and churchyard of St. Mary's Church, Barney / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Barney, Norfolk
  • The memorial inscriptions in the ruined church of St. John Baptist at Croxton near Fulmodeston / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Croxton, Norfolk
  • The monumental inscriptions in the churchyard of Ridlington Church, Norfolk / Jellis, Ronald (2002) Ridlington, Norfolk
  • The monumental inscriptions of St. John the Baptist, Maddermarket, Norwich / Howell, Shirley (2002) Norwich St John Maddermarket, Norfolk
  • The monumental inscriptions of the churchyards of St. Andrew's West Bradenham, and St. Mary's East Bradenham, Norfolk / Women's Institute. Bradenham Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) East Bradenham, Norfolk West Bradenham, Norfolk
  • Thurton, Norfolk monumental inscriptions / King, Graham Loveday (2002) Thurton, Norfolk
  • Transcript and index to memorial inscriptions in St. Bartholomew's church and churchyard, Heigham by Norwich, Norfolk / Howell, Shirley (2002) Heigham, Norfolk
  • Transcript and index to memorial inscriptions in the church and churchyard of the parish church of SS Peter and Paul, Fakenham, Norfolk / Howell, Shirley (2002)
  • West Rudham [monumental inscriptions] / Barham, R. (2002) West Rudham, Norfolk
  • A ms collection of monumental and gravestone inscriptions referring to families interred in the several parish churches and churchyards, of the borough of King's Lynn compiled to the present period / Chadwick, John Nurse (2002)
  • A plan and list of the memorials and inscriptions in the old churchyard and the new church at Hindolveston [with an index] / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Hindolveston, Norfolk
  • The memorial inscriptions in the church and churchyard at Guist / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Guist, Norfolk
  • The memorial inscriptions in Themelthorpe church and graveyard [with a plan and an index] / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Themelthorpe, Norfolk
  • Wood Dalling : a plan and list of the memorial inscriptions in the church and churchyard with an index of all surnames... / Green, N. W. B. (2002) Wood Dalling, Norfolk
  • All Saints Church, North Wootton / Women's Institute. North and South Wootton Women's Institute (Norfolk), (2002) North Wootton, Norfolk
  • Recording Norfolk's Churchyards, St. Peter's Church, Ridlington / Butler, Mavis (2002)

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Citation Example for a Record Found in This Collection

"England, Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions, 1600-1900's," digital images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org: accessed 18 March 2011), Norfolk > Barney > image 6 of 19, Mary Elizabeth Sidney, 29 October 1952; citing various cemeteries throughout Norfolk, England, Norfolk, Monumental Inscriptions, Norfolk Record Office in Norwich, England.