English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames R

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.


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Raavens Ravens
Rabay Rabey
Rabbi Rabey
Rabbick Rabbit
Rabey Raby
Rabi Rabby
Raby Rabey
Rachel Rachael
Rachell Rachael
Rackwood Rocquett
Radbourn Radborn
Radburn Radbourn
Radcliff Ratliff
Radcliff Ratcliff
Raddcliffe Radclief
Radford Redford
Rae Ray
Rae Rea
Rae Rhea
Ragan Regan
Ragg Wragg
Ragge Wragg
Rain Rayne
Rain Raine
Rainforth Ranforth
Raintoul Rentaul
Ralissom Rawlinson
Ralph Relph
Rammona Rommana
Ramsay Ramseay
Ramsay Ramsey
Ramsay Ramsary
Ramsay Ramshew
Ramsbotham Ramsbotam
Ramsbottom Ramsbotham
Ramsdell Ramsby
Ramsdon Ramsden
Ramsey Ramsay
Ramsey Ramsy
Ramshan Ranshaw
Ramzey Ramsey
Randal Reynolds
Randall Randell
Randall Randal
Randel Randle
Randell Rundell
Randle Reynolds
Randle Randel
Randle Randall
Randle Randal
Rane Rain
Raney Rainey
Ranforth Rainforth
Ranie Rennie
Rankilor Rankler
Rankin Rankine
Rannie Ranny
Rannie Renie
Ransom Ranson
Raper Draper
Rappin Rapin
Rapson Ropson
Raskell Roskell
Rasmus Rasmasson
Ratford Radford
Ratheroe Ritherow
Ratliff Ratliffe
Rattey Ratty
Rattey Rattie
Rattray Rotterry
Rattrary Rattery
Rattrey Rattray
Raulins Rawlins
Ravenscroft Ravencraft
Raves Reeves
Raw Row
Rawden Roden
Rawlies Rawlins
Rawling Rowland
Rawlings Rallings
Rawlings Rovlings
Rawlings Rawling
Rawlings Rollings
Rawlings Rowlin
Rawlins Rawlings
Rawlins Rowland
Rawlison Rowleson
Rawllins Rollins
Rawson Rason
Ray Wrey
Ray Reay
Ray Wray
Ray Rea
Raybould Raybold
Rayden Raden
Rayford Wrayford
Rayment Raymond
Raymer Rymer
Raymer Raymour
Raymond Rayment
Rayne Ryan
Rayner Raynor
Raynolds Ranolds
Raynous Reynows
Rea Ray
Read Reid
Read Reed
Reader Reder
Ready Readdy
Reagan Regan
Reagon Rygan
Reail Raile
Realley Riley
Reardon Reading
Reas Rees
Reay Ray
Reay Keay
Reckis Rickless
Redden Rerden
Reddercliff Redcliffe
Reddin Redding
Redding Reading
Reddish Rheddish
Reddowck Riddock
Redfern Redfearn
Redford Radford
Redhead Readhead
Redie Credie
Redie Mccredie
Reding Redding
Redman Redmond
Redman Rodman
Redman Redmonds
Redmond Redmead
Redmans Redmond
Redpath Redputh
Redwin Redevin
Redwood Reedwood
Ree Rae
Reece Rees
Reed Read
Reed Reid
Reeder Reader
Reeks Reekes
Rees Rice
Rees Reece
Reeston Radston
Reeve Reeves
Regan Regon
Regen Regan
Regram Ragarram
Reid Reed
Reid Read
Reid Ried
Reidhead Readhead
Reignolds Reighnolds
Reiley Riley
Reilly Ryley
Reilly O'Reilly
Reilly Righley
Reilly Reily
Reily Rayley
Reily Riley
Reily Railey
Reilly Reily
Reineck Reinick
Reir Reay
Relton Railton
Rem Reem
Remington Remmington
Remmer Rymer
Renardson Rameison
Rendall Randall
Reneson Renison
Renham Rennon
Rennell Renolds
Rennesson Ranison
Rennie Rennu
Rennie Rannie
Rennie Raney
Renoulles Reynolds
Rerdon Reardon
Rerffier Riffier
Resc Risc
Reu Rue
Reubens Rubens
Reveill Reveille
Revel Ragvel
Revill Revell
Rey Rye
Reymers Remas
Reynders Rinders
Reyniers Reiniers
Reynold Randall
Reynold Reynolds
Reynolds Rynolds
Reynolds Reignolds
Reynolds Rynalds
Reynolds Raynolds
Reynols Reynolds
Rhind Rind
Rice Reece
Rice Rosser
Richar Richards
Richard Richards
Richards Richardson
Richards Richeard
Richardson Richyson
Richardson Richards
Richardson Richard
Richens Richings
Richer Richie
Richerson Richardson
Richey Richie
Richey Ritckie
Richie Ritchie
Richie Ritcherd
Richison Richardson
Richmond Richmont
Rickabe Rickaby
Rickengs Richens
Rickerby Rickabey
Rickerby Rickardby
Rickett Richards
Rickeuts Richerds
Rickitts Richards
Riddel Riddle
Rider Ryder
Ridgate Readgate
Ridge Ringh
Ridgley Ridgly
Ridley Redley
Ridout Rydout
Ried Reed
Riedmuller Riedmiller
Riely Riley
Riet Ried
Rigby Rigly
Riggall Righall
Riley Ryley
Riley Riely
Rilington Ridlington
Rilly Reilly
Rily Rilly
Rimington Rumington
Ringin Raingin
Rinlett Kinlett
Riogors Rogers
Rippeth Rippit
Rippingham Rippenham
Risson Rissons
Ritch Rich
Ritchee Ritchie
Ritchie Richie
Ritchie Ritchey
Roach Roch
Roach Roche
Roades Rhodes
Roantree Rowntree
Roarke Rorke
Rob Rubb
Robards Roberts
Robarts Roberts
Robb Rob
Robbers Robinson
Robbins Robins
Robe Robb
Robens Robins
Robens Robbins
Robenson Robinson
Roberson Robinson
Robert Rubart
Roberts Robertson
Roberts Robarts
Robertson Robinson
Robertson Roberson
Robertson Robison
Robertson Robeson
Robertson Robson
Robinson Robins
Robins Robyns
Robison Robertson
Robinson Robesson
Robeson Robinson
Robison Robinson
Robisonn Robison
Robin Ravlin
Robson Rupson
Roch Roche
Roche Roach
Roche Roache
Rochfort Rochford
Rockley Rocklift
Rocklif Rockliffe
Rodburn Radbourn
Rodger Roger
Rodgers Rogers
Rodment Rodmont
Roe Rowe
Roe Row
Roffe Ruffey
Ruffway Roffee
Roffe Roffey
Rooffey Roffey
Rolas Rolaz
Rolison Roleftson
Rolison Roletson
Rolland Rolling
Rollins Rawlins
Rollo Rolley
Rollot Rollet
Roman Romain
Rome Romme
Romey Romney
Ron Roen
Ronnald Reynolds
Rook Rourk
Rook Rooke
Rookingdyke Rugendike
Roos Ross
Roos Rose
Rootham Rootam
Roper Rooper
Rorke Rock
Rose Ross
Rose Roes
Rosedew Rosdew
Rosedons Rosdon
Rosey Roseigh
Rositer Rossiter
Roson Robertson
Ross Rose
Rosa Rosse
Rosset Rossett
Rosseter Rositer
Rosseter Rociter
Rossether Rossiter
Rossie Rosie
Rossie Ross
Ros Rawston
Roswell Rosewell
Rotherford Rutherford
Rouce Rousey
Roughead Ruffhead
Roughley Ruggley
Roul Rawls
Roulett Rowlett
Rourke Roorke
Rous Rouse
Rous Rowse
Rousen Rousin
Roussel Rousset
Routledge Rutlidge
Routlidg Rutlidge
Routlidge Ratlidge
Routt Rout
Row Rowe
Rowand Rowend
Rowden Rodden
Rowe Roe
Rowett Rowelt
Rowland Rowlands
Rowlands Knowlands
Rowlett Rowlatt
Rowlett Rowlet
Rowley Rowland
Rowley Rowlett
Rowling Rawling
Rowlinson Rawlinson
Rowse Rouse
Roxby Rocksby
Royale Royle
Royston Rushton
Roystons Royston
Ruchall Russel
Ruddick Ruddock
Ruddock Ruduck
Ruffell Ruffle
Rugeley Rudgley
Rugg Rogg
Rugless Rouglass
Ruhl Rule
Rumball Rumble
Runce Runcy
Rundle Rendale
Rundlet Rundlets
Runington Runnington
Runshu Runchey
Ruppell Ruppel
Rusbie Rusby
Rushford Rushforth
Rushin Rushen
Russ Ross
Russell Ryssell
Russell Russel
Russell Rusell
Rustell Rustel
Rustlane Rustlin
Ruston Reston
Rutledge Rutlidge
Rutter Rother
Rutter Rutler
Ryan Ryant
Ryan Royal
Ryan Raind
Rybread Ryebread
Ryder Rider
Ryding Rydon
Rydings Ridings
Rylance Rylence
Rylane Rylands
Ryley Rylie
Ryley Rayley
Ryley Rilly
Rymall Rimell
Ryme Rhine
Rymel Rymil
Rynd Rind
Ryne Ryme