English Phonetic surname Aliases 1750 to 1800

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


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Aaronson Aronson
Abbett Abbitt
Abbey Abby
Abbot Abbott
Abell Able
Aben Ebin
Abercrombie Crombie
Aberdeen Aberdein
Aberg Oberg
Aberle Alberley
Aborough Alberts
Abraham Abrams
Abraham Oberham
Abrahams Abraham
Abrahamson Abranson
Abrams Abrahams
Absolon Asplom
Abueary Awery
Achison Atkinson
Ackers Akers
Ackersdyk Ackersdyck
Ackman Hickman
Acock Haycock
Acre Acres
Adair O'Dair
Adam Adams
Adams Addams
Adison Addison
Adar Adeare
Adderall Hadderill
Addington Addinton
Addison Eddison
Addison Adleon
Addison Adamson
Addy Eddy
Adean Dean
Adelstone Huddleston
Adie Edie
Adkeson Adkson
Adkins Atkins
Adlamn Adlum
Adnay Adney
Afthur Arthur
Ahern Hern
Aidley Adley
Aiken Aikin
Aikman Aikmant
Aimes Ames
Ainley Henley
Ainsworth Hainsworth
Aire Hare
Aires Ayres
Aish Ash
Aishton Ashton
Aitken Aiken
Aiton Eaton
Akehurst Akhurst
Aken Akin
Akenhead Acknead
Akenn Akin
Albiro Allborough
Albright Allbright
Albris Alebers
Aldread Aldred
Aldred Alldridge
Aldridge Allridge
Aldridge Haltridge
Aldridge Alldridge
Alester Alexander
Alfen Alfone
Alford Alfred
Alford Alfort
Algar Alger
Alice Elles
Alingham Allingham
Alison Ellison
Allam Allom
Allan Allen
Allanson Allenson
Allardice Allerdice
Allaway Hallaway
Allaway Alleway
Allden Alldin
Allee   Ellee
Allen Alleyne
Allen Alyn
Allen Aylen
Allen Allin
Allen Alling
Allen Ellen
Allerdice Ellerdice
Allery Allry
Alleson Allison
Allester Allister
Allet Allott
Allford Orford
Allfrey Alfrey
Alliban Alliben
Allibon Allibonn
Allingham Alingham
Allison Alleson
Allison Olleson
Allison Oleson
Allison Alleson
Allman Almond
Allmond Almond
Allport Alport
Allridge Allrige
Allsop Hallsop
Allsop Hollsop
Alport Aport
Alport Allport
Alsager Alseager
Alsoon Olson
Alsworth Hallsworth
Altey Haltey
Alty Helty
Aman Harmon
Amberton Hamberton
Ambrey Embrey
Ambrose Ambrosse
Amerson Emmerson
Ames Emes
Ammason Emmerson
Amoson Hemmerson
Amy Haymy
Amy Ommy
Amy Haymee
Anchant Ancient
Anchie Anchly
Ander Ender
Anderson Henderson
Anderson Anderton
Andrew Andrews
Andrewes Andrews
Anesley Ansley
Angele Angell
Angello Angelo
Anglicum Ingleken
Anglish Anguish
Ankin Hankin
Anley Hayley
Ann Anne
Annall Arnold
Annelly Ennelly
Annesley Annsley
Annesley Ansley
Annesley Annsley
Anness Innes
Annott Arnat
Andreews Endrews
Ansloe Onslow
Ansney Hansley
Anson Hanson
Antley Entley
Appleton Appelton
Archbod Archbold
Archdeacon Archdickon
Archer Ercher
Arcus Harcus
Arden Atheron
Ardern Arderne
Arigan Arrigon
Armitage Hermitage
Armitage Armytage
Armstrom Ormston
Arnald Arnold
Arnat Annott
Arndell Arundell
Arnel Arnold
Arnell Arnold
Arnes Ernest
Arnett Arnott
Arnol Arnold
Arow Arrow
Arpthorp Arpthorpe
Arrigon Arigan
Arrow Harrow
Arskin Ereskine
Arskin Askins
Arther Auther
Arthur Arthurs
Artsen Aartsen
Arundall Arundell
Arundel Andell
Ascharman Asheman
Ascoon Asking
Ascough Asough
Asdall Astsdell
Ashle Ashlee
Ashlett Aslett
Ashley Ashly
Ashton Aishton
Ashworth Astworth
Askew Askey
Askings Ereskine
Aslam Asylam
Aspegreen Aspegren
Aspell Hospill
Aspenall Aspenell
Aspey Espy
Asthay Asthy
Asylam Aslam
Atchison Hutchison
Athias Attias
Atkens Atkins
Atkenson Atkinson
Atkingson Atkinson
Atkins Adkins
Atkins Attkins
Atkinson Attkinson
Atkinson Atkisson
Atkinson Atkins
Atlee Attlee
Attias Athias
Atton Hatton
Attwood Atwood
Aubrey Oberry
Aubuery Aubury
Auger Ogard
Aughton Houghton
Auld Old
Aullit Hewlett
Austen Hasten
Austen Austin
Avarne Averne
Aveary Averey
Avent Heavens
Avera Avory
Averall Averell
Averdall Everdell
Avery Evory
Avess Avis
Awart Ewart
Awothy Hauty
Ayars Ayers
Ayers Ayres
Ayers Ears
Ayers Eyre
Ayles Eales
Aylimg Aylwin
Aylott Elliot
Aymes Haines
Ayrley Early