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1. The format for the varying FHL catalog entry templates is found below: US/CAN Wikicode Templates

2. The most difficult part of this process is locating the item number required in the template. This is found in the URL (web address) of the source being referenced. The example following is a URL for Kankakee County, Illinois probate records. Note that at the end of the URL is the word “ item” followed by a percent sign, a number and a letter. The item number follows the letter “F” as highlighted below. Hint: The easiest way to capture that number is to place your cursor on top of the number, double click on top of the number and it will automatically highlight so that you can easily copy and paste. Sometimes it picks up the letter as well, so the letter will need to be deleted when pasted into the template.

3. There may be occasions when you will want to include a FHLC subject template. To find the subject number, click on a catalog item such as “Historical encyclopedia of Illinois.” You will note that half way down the page there is a “Subject” area. Click on the subject you are interested in such as “Illinois, Kankakee – History” The URL for all the items in this subject includes a number at the end after the words “subject_id&searchCriteria=” as highlighted below.